I Love A Good Bribe

The tiny box was pink and crammed thick with airy tissue paper. A present? For me? You shouldn’t have. Correction. You can’t. That’s because I suspect this exchange, occurring a week before final exams, isn’t quite Kosher.

You give me a present and I give you an…….. “A”!

It’s a simple formula. Of course, I could make it even easier by creating an Amazon wish list. That way, we wouldn’t have to include the whole class in this awkward exchange. Then again, the public display of gifting is part of the game. You know I’m weak and I don’t want to offend, and the wrapping, it’s just so damn tempting!

Fact: I have succumbed each time a student offers me a present, which by my count, now totals a whopping six gifts over 28 semesters or 14 years. I have received two scarves, a small handmade purse, cookies, candy and dry erase markers. Apparently, I have a chicken neck that begs to be covered, a low sugar count and faint handwriting.

What has saved me from the moral abyss of accepting gifts is that all six students were already in the “A” range. Unless they had slept through their final exam, their grade was a foregone conclusion. This is an important point because cookies last about three seconds in my presence and can’t be returned half-eaten.

This brings me to my non-A, non-gifting students. I have had students cry, plead and curse when they realize they have not earned an A or a B or a C or alas a D. But, I have never been bribed and I hope to keep it this way. As evidence, I present my Amazon wish list which continues to grow, not shrink.

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College Procrastination

shutterstock_156983240(1)Welcome Guest Blogger Giovanni Peguero!

Procrastination must be a drug because once you do it you can’t stop and when confronted about it by someone else you get defensive. We know it’s a downward spiral, but we can’t seem to stop.  My dream job is to write a procrastination script for a commercial that follows the DIRECTTV 2012 ad campaign. It would go something like this…..


When you have college work to do, you procrastinate.

When you procrastinate you lose sleep.

When you lose sleep doing work, you go to class sleepy.

When you go to class sleepy, you sit in the wrong class.

When you sit in the wrong class, you fail the final exam for a class you are taking the next semester.

Don’t fail the final exam for the class you are taking next semester.

Get rid of procrastination and upgrade to doing work early!


Now back to studying 🙁