Late For Your College Class…..Again?

I’d like to welcome an anonymous contributor on a topic that drives me nuts too – The Late Student 



Lateness is a quality that many people possess. I look at it as a burden.  It baffles my mind that people can run through life on their own clock, with total disregard of obligations and responsibilities to others.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in my college classes. This semester especially, I have noticed just how many students are not bothered by their own repeated lateness.  I’m amazed to see students routinely walk in 25 minutes after the class has started, almost never apologetic, and then act as if someone is forcing them to be in a class they paid for. It’s like buying a sandwich, eating a third and then throwing the rest out. I thought the goal of college was to graduate. I don’t see how repeated lateness can improve your grades?

One teacher in particular has created a lateness policy, which at first I was taken aback by, but now I completely understand and respect it.  The class starts promptly on time, after which the door is closed. After 15 minutes, the teacher opens the door and allows the late students to come in, and then repeats this process again 15 minutes later.  In the beginning of the semester I expected maybe a couple of students to be those dreaded ones who are staring through the window of the closed door with desperation and frustration.  But I was sadly mistaken, as there are often over five people each time that door is opened.

The purpose for this policy is so that these late students will not enter the classroom late, one by one, and disrupt the students who had the common sense to arrive on time.  By entering as a group, we only have to suffer through two disruptions as opposed to 10.  It’s comical to me because this policy was explained in detail on the first day of class, and still the same people seem to arrive on their own clock.

I have simply come to believe that if you are going to repeatedly be late to class, then don’t expect the teacher to have any sympathy for you, and please don’t expect that A.

College Dorm or Childhood Bedroom?

Teen bedroom loft style

This is a tough subject. Your friends have gone off to their four-year schools and you’ve decided to stay home and commute to college. Or maybe you went to college and discovered it was so much fun that you had to come home – back to the bedroom you thought you left behind at the end of high school.




Going away to college is a time for independence and very often students express that separation from their parents by decorating their dorm room. It’s almost like having your first apartment, except you need to share a bathroom with thirty other people. Parents also get their chance to redesign your old bedroom into a spare bedroom with less posters, less mess and maybe even a new memory foam mattress!




The funny thing about staying home is that most students never consider redecorating their childhood bedrooms.  Not sure you fall into this category?   Look around. If you’ve got your six-grade class photo on the wall or a poster of Drake and Josh, it’s time to make a change and find your inner DIY-self. You could even get some new, modern furniture from furniture in fashion!




If you need some decorating inspiration, I recommend this dorm room Pinterest board.