5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Business Professor

Here are 5 things students say that make me cringe.

1. I’m terrible at math.

2. I don’t understand why I have to come to class on time.

3. I never read, watch or listen to the news.

4. Why would I want to dress up for my presentation?

5. Office Space? It’s a movie? Never heard of it.

I don’t want to burst any bubbles, but if you plan on pursuing a career in business, it will be hard to avoid math, getting to work on time, the news, a professional dress code and at least one reference to a red stapler.





  • tamer tulgar

    I completely agree with the five things that were previously listed because majority of all business majors/ jobs require the use of math, being on time, looking presentable, being informed on what is occurring in the world around us and having organizational skills. Often times many students going in to the business field overlook these key issues because they are not completely sure on what they want to do, that is why they choose to fall back on pursuing a major such as ‘ business administration’ etc, but have no fundamental background to be successful at it.

  • Carrie Miller

    I couldn’t agree more with this blog post! In school, we learn specific things for a reason–coming to class on time ensures that you get into the habit of being on time for other important obligations like getting to work on time, or even to a doctor’s appointment. Other people are relying on you to show up in a timely fashion, so if that doesn’t end up happening, it could cause an issue. Math is one of those subjects where you either love it or you could never get the hang of it. As long as you understand basic math functions and how to apply them, you can do all kinds of things. I’m a marketing major, so being able to interpret spreadsheets and/or statistical data is a must. The news is also very important because what is happening around us affects each and every one of us, whether you realize it or not. Just recently, there have been financial issues in China and because of that, Apple has received less business from them–and China is where they get a lot of their business from. Some people may think that issues abroad don’t affect our country, but if you’re dealing with an international market, it can affect us greatly. Dressing up for a presentation is incredibly important. It shows the professor that you’re serious about the class and if you have to present a project proposal (or something of the like) for a future employer, you can be prepared. Lastly, I don’t understand how someone wouldn’t get any reference to the movie Office Space! It’s a fantastic movie that really plays off what it’s like to work in an office environment–gotta love it!

    All in all, school helps prepare students practically for the real world. Some lessons we learn directly (such as material covered in class) and sometimes it can be indirectly (such as showing up on time to class, which then prepares you to show up on time for work). If you can’t take school seriously, then you probably won’t take work too seriously, either.

  • Delia Courtney

    I agree with what you said entirely! Anyone pursuing a career in business needs to understand the responsibilities that come alongside this career path. Even if an individual is terrible at math, it is a subject needed for every business practice, in order to understand the business itself. Learning how to be on time is an essential skill needed to succeed not only in the business world but in life itself. To say that you never read watch or listen to the news is a very close minded view. In the business world it is necessary to know what is going on around you, which means you need to stay up to date on current events. In order to be taken seriously and deemed professional it is necessary to dress the part. Essentially meaning one should always dress up for a presentation. My advice to the office space comment would be to learn more about your future profession before deciding that you would like to pursue that career path.