5 Ways to Relax DURING Class

I feel for students. Really, I do. I know you worked the late shift the night before and then woke-up early for an 8 a.m. class. You’re exhausted and so you should be. By the time you get to my afternoon class, you are officially fried.

Here are 5 Ways to Relax During Class:

  1. Keep it cool – studies show that cooler temperatures allow the body to relax. Optimize air flow by choosing a seat by a window or an air vent. Ditch the coat, pop a few buttons and slide off your shoes.
  2. Keep it comfortable – to release tension, you’ll need to stretch and flex those muscles. Create your own space by rearranging desk options to meet your body’s maximum circumference.
  3. Keep it quiet – put those earbuds to work by pumping through 30 minutes of mindful meditation. Block out the cacophony of class with the relaxing sounds of nature combined with instructional breathing.
  4. Keep it hydrated – herbal remedies? How about lavender tea? Come on, everyone is doing it.
  5. Keep it on your desk – the syllabus, that is and make sure to check the grade distribution. If your class requires class participation, scratch steps 1-4. Sit up straight, dislodge the earbuds, shut the window and chuck the tea. It’s time for class!