A Summer Movie Assignment – See The Internship


Please see the highly rated, star-studded feature film, The Internship. See it simply because it validates the conversation we’ve been having on my low rated, star-free blog.  Will Ferrell’s career killer neck tattoo is not to be missed. It’s also a topic covered thoroughly on
the AirBubble blog (Mystery Markings 4/25/13).


In between genuine bouts of laughter watching Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson bul**** their way into a Google internship, you’ll learn about making your own opportunities, building a skill set and being nice to people. We all know I got my hand slapped when I wasn’t so nice to students (Rate My Professors Reality, 6/10/13)


Here’s what I learned from the movie. Don’t bring your 13 year-old son because the pole dancing bar scene never ends.  On the upside, I learned that Google employees call themselves “Googlers”.  I’d like to take this opportunity to build community by calling my AirBubble blog readers “Bubblers.”


So for all you Bubblers out there, please post a comment about the movie. I’m so confident you’ll enjoy The Internship, I’ll stop calling you Bubblers if more than 20 people post a comment about the movie.