Teacher in class

Blog Mash-Up – Returning Students and Cosmetics

I polled students for new blog topics and two topics bubbled to the surface. A blog about students returning to college as adults and make-up tips for college students. I will now attempt to combine these wildly different topics in my first ever Blog Mash-Up.

This semester I returned to school. I, voluntarily, enrolled at my own school for a math class. Yup, you heard right. I chose to take a course that most students avoid at all costs – Algebra. Twice a week, for two hours my classmates and I attempt to solve for ‘X’. For the record, students have been trying to solve for “X” for years. Some things don’t change. So if you’re an older, returning student, don’t panic. Academic changes move slower than a pre-global warming iceberg. There’s a very good chance that the way you remember it, is the way it still is which means you are more prepared than you think. Even when classes require an online component, the basic model – study and then take a test, still exists.

What does change are styles and that’s been my demise.

We are now eight weeks into the class and students are starting to wonder about the older lady who hasn’t missed a class. From the first day, I realized I didn’t fit in. I’m wearing ‘go to work’ clothes, I don’t have piercings or tattoos, my hair has no gel, coloring or obscure angles, no wires dangling from my ears and worst of all – no make-up.

There’s a student that sits two rows over from me. She’s got mad make-up skills. Even if I had time in the morning, there’s no way I could pull-off her look. I’m wondering how anyone has time to do more than shower because I still haven’t solved for “X.”

Here’s my recommendation when it comes to college cosmetics. The majority of your day is spent sitting at a desk staring at someone’s back. You rarely have a chance to see your classmates’ faces. Therefore, I suggest investing your extra time decoding the mystery of “X.” Save the make-up for the weekend!



  • Faye H

    I feel that the choice to
    wear make-up to class or not is more of a personal preference and not a
    correlation to ones preparedness for class or the success or failure in the
    class. For some, it could just be part of their daily regimen. Perhaps
    for others maybe school is just the beginning of their day. Everyone likes to
    feel good when they leave home. Makeup or not, put your best face forward. You
    never know who you may run into after class.

  • Saray Fernandez

    I believe that if a girl decides to wear makeup to class have nothing to do with how prepare for the class she might be. The choice to wear or not to wear makeup to school is a very personal decision. Some people used makeup as a way to express their personality, and for other people makeup is just part of their routine. We shouldn’t judge the book by its cover.

  • Tahlor Lewis

    First off, I’d like to start by saying that this blog post made me chuckle because for a brief moment I thought my mother was the author. I’m referring to the “She’s got mad make-up skills.” Mom always calls people’s talents “mad skills”. Any who, this blog post peaked my interest because I can relate to both topics of the mash up. I’m 24 and in my second year at WCC. Though I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself an “older returning student” my classmates make me feel otherwise when their eyes widen after they find out my actual age. I took off a couple of years to repay an education debt and when I returned to the classroom last year I was extremely nervous about getting back into the swing of things. What made it easier was pursuing an education in something that I actually have an interest in, Fashion, which segues into the second topic of classroom cosmetics. I don’t have mad make-up skills but the amount of makeup that I’m wearing usually has a direct correlation with the type of work day that I had. I will also put in more effort if I have a presentation. Honestly, cosmetics aren’t my primary focus when I’m headed to a 9am class. Professionalism should be measured in timeliness and work ethic. However, students should be able to recognize when it is important to have a polished physical appearance. Hopefully the makeup artist’s cosmetic and professional skills are on even playing fields.

  • Anne Ayala

    As I read more of your blog I couldn’t help but crack a smile! It’s funny to me that as an older person you view it this way, but at my age (23) I view it the exact same way! I do not understand what is the need to put on the make-up when I’m just trying to go to class, learn what I need to learn, and go. There is no one to impress at school but my professor.. with my grades! Not my face! There’s certain days I do dress up because I have work right after class, but not because I’m just taking my time in the morning to put my face on for it to go to waste on a day of school. Like you mentioned, “save it for the weekend” and I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing wrong with looking decent to school, you wouldn’t want to look as if you rolled out of bed, but also don’t make it seem like you’re going to a concert with your friends. It’s just school.