Blogging Blunders



Last year, I posted a blog on paper buying services. My inspiration was one of my students who had purchased a paper and submitted it as their own. Super-sleuth that I am, I tracked down the source and then spent a few days ranting about paper buying services. When I calmed down, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek entry (April 13, 2014) on plagiarism where I threatened to write my own versions of the papers I had assigned, sell my papers to these paper-buying mills, and then wait for my own work to recycle back to me!

That way, I could scream – “Gotcha!” and feel really good about it.

Yesterday, I received a comment on my original post from the paper buying service, Special Essay. It read:

“Good education is an essential part of our lives. It’s our ticket to the happy future. If you have difficulties with some assignments, let the experts at Special Essay help you.”

So let me get this straight. The marketing experts at Special Essay have identified my blog as targeting college students. They narrow their focus on an entry I wrote about plagiarism, and then they decide that this would be a good place to advertise their services?

Isn’t that a bit like advertising cigarettes in a hospital? But who am I to judge. I’ll let the skillfully-worded comment by Special Essay stand as evidence of their writing expertise. Clearly, these people are special.

Have you ever been tempted to purchase a paper?

  • stephwitt3

    Wow! I really am blown away that their “research” could have brought your blog to a popular page for them to post, when in fact it was the complete opposite.
    I have to say I have never been tempted to buy an essay. Honestly, it’s not worth my money. I’d rather just save my money and get it done myself. Also, how am I going to get an essay of exactly what I need that represents my thoughts? My teacher would obviously know by my usual writing style and way of thinking, that the paper is in fact a fake. Also, one of my professors had us submit our papers via a plagarism detector. I feel that risks are far too high, especially with today’s technology. Just stop being lazy and write your own paper. Not worth your college career.

  • Chloe Rissenberg

    I find it totally UNBELIEVABLE that students think they can get away with handing in a paper they didn’t write. I understand the pressure we all face to ‘make it’ in this world and therefore do whatever we have to do to get through stressful times. Believe me, there have been times where I wanted to give up the paper-writing process and just, I don’t know, submit something, anything. Even a slightly unauthentic paper or just something I didn’t really put my head into would be better than actually forcing myself to think it out and write something of substance. I’ve never been tempted to buy an essay either, but I can relate to the underlying causes of stress and pressure, and even the desire to put time elsewhere.
    Alright, with all that being said, the main point I want to make is that although the paper writing process is time consuming, mentally rigorous, and sometimes a seemingly impossible feat, I assure all of you who think you can’t do it or don’t want to that is is totally worth it. Once you bite the bullet and sink your teeth into the process it will become a healthy and rewarding challenge – and a necessary one to achieving academic honesty and integrity. Even if its not your favorite subject, or you just want to pass the course, take the time to learn and express what you learned in a way that is at least slightly interesting or intelligent to you. Then hand it in with a feeling of accomplishment and not a sinking guilt and crippling fear that will eventually come back to you. Even if you never get caught, ask yourself, is the guilt worth it? And if you say yes, and I know from experience there have been times I’d say yes to other scenarios, I promise you will eventually regret it.
    As for those profit seekers who hope to roll in some extra dough helping students cheat, all I have to say is this: GET A LIFE! Do your own work. I mean if you’re such good, ‘special’ writers and scholars after all, your own work should take up enough time. (Oh, and PS maybe be a little more careful in your marketing efforts not to advertise on a professor’s blog!)