Can I Get A Witness? – Teachers takes the stand in your defense.


Hold still and look straight at me while I stamp a dollar sign on your forehead. Perfect – you are worth it! At least that’s what companies like and believe. These sites have a new twist on funding education where you (the student) can be bought like a share of Facebook.


Investors take a chance on you and plow cash into your education in return for a percent of your future income. That’s right – complete strangers take a risk on your career trajectory, funding your education and taking piece of your income when it starts to trickle in.


I like this scenario but I wonder what role the teacher assumes in this model. If I invested in a student, I’d want to dig into their student behavior. I guess that would make me (the teacher), your star witness.


I take the stand in your defense.


“Professor Verne, does Alex attend classes regularly?”


“I just love Alex. What a wonderful student.”


“A yes or no will do. Does Alex attend classes regularly?”

 “Yes…you could say that.”


 “But would you say that?”


“I’d say Alex attends as regularly as the rest of the class.”


“What’s the average rate of attendance during a semester.”


 “Well, it is college. Attendance is somewhat voluntary.”


 “So 70% attendance is average?”


  “That sounds about right.”


  “And Alex is at the average?”


  “More or less.”


 “How much less?”

“Just a tad.”

“So can we agree that Alexandra attends class about 60% of the time?

“Wait, I have an Alexandra in my class? I thought you said his name was Alex. Isn’t he the one with the baseball cap?”



Sorry – I was nervous. They twisted my words and then the dog ate my notes.


Got a comment on the potential of your future vs. the cost of the investment? Are you worth it? Post a dollar number here. I’m worth …….


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