Career Advice – Life After College Graduation

You’ve done all the assignments, sat for the exams and earned the grades. Now what? As much work as that all seemed, here comes the next phase of your life – the 9 to 5 job. That’s right, more work! And worse, you’re going to have to work hard to get that job.

I’d like to congratulate, Idia Ogala, a former student of mine who has developed a website to promote his skill set. I wish him the best of luck! He worked hard for it.








  • Albert S.

    A lot of people don’t put a lot of thought into their future after graduation. Which I believe should be emphasized from the moment they start taking college courses because if you don’t have a clue what u want to do with your degree, how can you shape your experience and knowledge into a skill set that is marketable. At the end of it all we as graduates, whenever we get there have to sell our product(our skills) to the prospective job that we are trying to get. So why not get a early jump on it and just like a marketing campaign, create a marketing strategy to employ once we finish college. We all know it’s about positioning, so if we can position ourself and our skill set into a employers mind, we are in!!! Right??

  • Gustav Inirio

    I believe that you should have a complete plan of what profession you want to work in half way through your education at the latest. You should not put yourself in a situation where upon completion of education your asking “what now”, as Benjamin Franklin said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Any post high school institution should have proper guidance counselors who advise students to pick a major and classes accordingly, and recommend internships in the field they wish to work in upon completion of their education. My outlook on working after graduation from a four year school is not as negative as the initial post, I was able to chose which field i wanted to devote my time to and spend likely the rest of my career after graduation in, because of this I have certainty that I will not dread my 9-5 job. I am going to look at my future after education as a career not a job.

  • Marvin DeLeon Cifuentes

    Their is a significant difference of what your majoring in with a bachelors degree vs of what type of career or job does the individual want to be in a certain field. In other words, what your studying vs what you want to do, is not a cause and effect, but a correlation. Example like, if my bachelors of arts is in psychology, and if i apply for a marketing analyst at a think-tank. What makes me qualify for this job same as a marketing major. By having the skills of Academic writing and presentation skills, Critical thinking and analytic skills, Abstract reasoning, Communication and interpersonal skills, Leadership and teamwork skills, Organization skills, Goal setting and prioritizing. The event that the student majors in those skills is fairly and leads to the affect (event) to be qualify for that position. Objectively speaking, other variables include work experience, recommendations, and projects. In regards of “working hard to get that job” my suggestion is to focus on a variety of projects during undergraduate to judge yourself if you have the capacity to show the recruiter/employer if your able to fulfill that position title or if your ambitious enough to attend graduate school of (business(MBA), education (M.S Ed), other higher level academia such as English, Spanish, Sociology, and Economics (M.A.).

  • Towanda Mathurin

    Unfortunately, many college students are not aware that
    completing course work and studying for an exam to earn a degree is not
    sufficient for post-graduation success.
    It is important that students have short terms goals, which is earning a
    degree, while working on long term goals, meeting some of the requirements for
    employment within ones field of interest. Even though a college student may not
    meet all the criteria’s for their profession, it is important to establish marketable
    skills as a student. Personal marketing is vital to post graduation success. This
    can occur by volunteering, internships, participating in special programs,
    networking and creating remarkable content online via blogs or other social media.
    Thousands of individuals submit resumes and complete online applications every
    day and employers recruit the best not only by the content of a resume but seek
    insight into the personality of candidates by looking at prospective hires social
    media pages. If a graduating student creates remarkable content with a strong
    following with many inbound links this shows the employer that the individual
    is engaged in their field of interest and establishing themselves as an
    authority. Hiring an authority is mutually beneficial to the employer and
    employee. An authority brings a level of prestige to the employer and the
    employee is more marketable as an authority. Therefore, marketing is not only
    needed to sell a product or service but marketing is also necessary for selling
    the hiree to the employer.

  • Jackie Leak

    Working hard in college to get where you want to be feels pointless if you graduate and can’t seem to find anything. It is very hard because there is so much competition and you think that going to college and getting a degree should automatically get you the job you need. But as for some careers, there isn’t always a guaranteed job for that career when you graduate. You have to think and plan and make sure your degree is going to really get you somewhere. Make sure that you will be able to provide for yourself and be able to find a good job from that degree. A plan for yourself is always good. While your in college you should always think of your future and ask yourself if you know what your going to do with your degree. It isn’t always about meeting the criteria for your profession. Sometimes it’s about skills and what you have done up to this point, your hard work and effort.

  • Roku

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  • Charles Buffum

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  • Tahlor Lewis

    I’m currently in an abnormal transitional period right now. I’ve had a 9-5 since I was 18 at the same company in the moving industry. I am now 24 and working towards my first degree in Fashion Merchandising. As you can imagine the moving and fashion industries are vastly different so although I have tons of office experience I’ve found it difficult to write a resume that would make me appealing to companies looking for fashion buyers. I’ve started to wrap my head around taking a short term pay cut so that I can find an entry level position in my field of choice. Graduation is just around the corner and I’m feeling the pressure of making the correct professional decisions that will secure me the future that I want. I’m focusing not only on earning the right grades but also networking and taking advantage of any volunteer opportunities that will give me an edge on my resume.