College Procrastination

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Procrastination must be a drug because once you do it you can’t stop and when confronted about it by someone else you get defensive. We know it’s a downward spiral, but we can’t seem to stop.  My dream job is to write a procrastination script for a commercial that follows the DIRECTTV 2012 ad campaign. It would go something like this…..


When you have college work to do, you procrastinate.

When you procrastinate you lose sleep.

When you lose sleep doing work, you go to class sleepy.

When you go to class sleepy, you sit in the wrong class.

When you sit in the wrong class, you fail the final exam for a class you are taking the next semester.

Don’t fail the final exam for the class you are taking next semester.

Get rid of procrastination and upgrade to doing work early!


Now back to studying 🙁















  • JackieDecker

    HAHAHA I like the example of the DIRECTTV 2012 ad campaign.This is so true! I try very hard to not procrastinate, yet sometimes it doesn’t work out so successfully and the downward spiral starts and you just can’t get out. I think that if I start a semester out procrastinating, I won’t be able to ever catch up and not be late with my assignments.

  • Matthew Carver

    Procrastination is a pet peeve of mine for all of the reasons mentioned here. I don’t think people realize the stress that hangs over us when there is something or things we have to do. For example, writing a paper. Most of us wait until the day before it’s due to start writing. I admire the person who can do this and still pull an A – because I can’t. I love the person who can cram the night before a test and still pull an A – because I can’t.

    I hate stressing and I love the feeling of being finished. No wait. I love the feeling of not being rushed and executing a paper or homework to the best of my ability with time to spare.

    I don’t think I will ever understand why college students put themselves through the agony of stressing because he/she procrastinated.

  • Emily

    This post is great! I find my self procrastinating all the time! It is really bad because I have so many things to do yet I catch my self looking at Instagram a million times a day and its the same pictures that I’ve looked at 10 times already. I’ve tried to teach myself to not procrastinate but with all this technology its kind of hard not to get distracted every so often.

  • MariaClara

    Procrastinating is a big problem! Even though I like to always get my work done as early as possible, sometimes it gets me. And it is just as the post says: once you do it, you can’t stop. You just keep on pushing it as long as you can. The thing is, if in the end, you get the work done, and you get a good grade, that is a reason to keep on going; but if you get a poor grade, it can teach a lesson!
    Anyway, I would not recommend it to anyone. It is much better to take your time and do a really good job, allowing yourself time to review the work, and add or cut anything you want still on time, rather than add as much stuff as you can just to “fill the paper” on the last minute.

  • Hayley315

    So I have this illness, I believe it is procrastination and a close relative of it as well, although i don’t know what you might call it. I go from doing things wayyyyy before time so i can be a head and then towards the end when everything is going perfect, procrastination kicks in. And while I’m procrastinating I’m telling myself ” Stop procrastinating”, promising myself ok just 5 more minutes – then I fall asleep. Like now I should be writing a final paper that is due on Saturday, but I’m getting a head start on this class – all while procrastinating on the other. Ain’t that something ? :/

  • MRunes

    HAHA! The amount of times I have lost sleep to procrastination! I always try to schedule my week to get my work done before hand so this does not happen. Unfortunately, I fall behind with some assignments from time to time but always get it done, Although, with procrastination it can definitely affect your grade! I love this post it truly shows how procrastination affects people in all these steps listed. I don’t know many college students who done have this issue in college.

  • rnelson91295

    I’ve struggled with procrastination my entire academic career, as most students have, but I haven’t taken much time to sit down and think to myself why procrastination occurs. Many people take strides to prevent themselves from procrastinating, whether it be working at intervals, starting their work as soon as it is assigned, or getting settled and plowing through the entire workload in one sitting. The last option tends to occur most during procrastination, though it is the method that works best for me. To this day, that method has been useful to me, but only if I truly plan to do it all in one sitting. If I do 80% of the work within a few hour period and then decide I should take a break and reward myself by taking the rest of the day off from academics (assuming it’s already later in the day), I find it very hard to find another time where I can go back and complete the work. By that, I don’t mean I physically do not have time, I mean I always put off the work further and further. I attribute this to an idea I had that maybe I have an anxiety when it comes to finishing something that isn’t in dire need of being finished, a dire need like being due for a class in 2 hours. I almost feel as if I need to feel rushed to overlook my strive for perfection. If I have some time on my hands after finishing an assignment, I will always extensively examine every detail to the point I could be changing something that would have been better off unmodified. My theory regarding procrastination, as of now, is that maybe I prefer feeling obligated to rush the details and not stressing perfection. It isn’t healthy or useful, as it lands me in academic trouble when I push procrastination to the point of not actually completing my work, but at least I think I have a grasp on why procrastination occurs for me. I have a feeling this applies to many other students as well, but they haven’t come to terms with the reality that they’d rather not allow themselves to feel the pressure of being able to strive for perfection, so they just make it so they are without time to feel that pressure.

  • Mcollins1

    If I was able to change one thing about me it would be the way I procrastinate with EVERYTHING. I have never been able to finish my work early. I always wondered what is like to relax the day before an assignment is due. The internet has made my procrastinating worse then ever now. Ill go from looking up sources for a paper that is due the next day to finding myself looking at funny videos on youtube for 2 hours straight. Its gotten to the point where I physically and mentally cant do an assignment unless its due the next day. A perfect example is this comment that I had all week to do and I decided to do it the day its due. I know I know I have a problem.

  • jenntrombacco

    I believe that procrastination has grown worse over the years. But it is not just students that procrastinate till the last minute to write a paper and end up staying up all night just to finish it, what about adults? I know my mom has a problem with procrastination, She will wait till the last day to send out her Christmas cards, sometimes so late everyone gets them after Christmas. I have a procrastination problem too with the example given i end up waiting till the last minute for almost every assignment and then i lose tons of sleep just trying to finish it before it is due. At the beginning of every year or every semester i tell myself i will not procrastinate, i will get all of my homework done ahead of time and i will get better grades! That will last about the first week or two of the semester and then its back to old habits. I personally wish i didn’t procrastinate but i just think there is so much to do and so little time. I would like to believe that if i only had one class to take and no job and no other responsibilities i wouldn’t procrastinate and i would get all my work done early but then i’m sure i would come up with some excuse not to do my homework. Procrastination follows you to adulthood if you don’t learn to over come it. You really have to push yourself into thinking that whatever needs to get done, needs to get done right away. I try to tell myself if i don’t do it when it is assigned i will have to much to do and i won’t be able to finish on time. Procrastination is something you want to grow out of before you get into adult hood, because then you will never get anything done, and you don’t want your children to learn procrastination is good.

  • Ari317

    This post was really funny since I just finished college and I was so used to seeing this everyday in class. Not only that but it also effected me at times and sometimes I had to push myself to be back on track. This sickness begins right after high school when you have nobody on your back reminding you to do your work and do it on time. Even though sometimes it might be funny to procrastinate its actually not funny when you step into the real world. Procrastination can really mess up your life if you let it take over.


    I believe that procrastination is something every individual needs to deal with. Today, the distraction of technology can lead to procrastination, as one of the commenters has mentioned. It only takes a few ads of youtube to get someone distracted and decide to deal with work later. One way to combat procrastination is by rewarding yourself in intervals for your hard work. For example, every 1 hour of studying you do, reward yourself with a youtube video or whatever pleases you. Another way to combat procrastination is by getting into a routine. Just like waking up early, the more you do something the easier it eventually becomes.

  • Jmoose

    Personally, I understand that the general idea of procrastination is not a good thing, but use the method anyways. If one procrastinates enough, they will master the art of procrastination making it an effective way of getting work done. I complete my assignments better and faster when I have a deadline or when I have a lot going on. The added pressure encourages and helps me conclude coursework faster.

  • Gabriel Kremer

    From Middle School on, I regularly dealt with procrastination. While it was manageable in High School due to help from my parents, it spiraled out of control once I got to college and had no supervision other than my own. Staying up until 5 in the morning to get homework done became the rule rather than the exception, and even that didn’t always work as procrastination continued well into the wee hours of the morning and sometimes being of mediocre quality as a result of the sleep deprivation. Cutting myself off from the main source of distraction (The Internet) didn’t help either, as I ended up just finding another distraction, even if it was just wandering around campus because I felt compelled to procrastinate.
    In the end, I figured out a solution. Since it was impossible to coax myself to get homework done during the day, I modified my sleep schedule to accommodate what needed to get done. Rather than staying up until 5 and only going to sleep once my classwork was done, I instead went to sleep around 10:00 and woke up at 3:30 to get homework done. This allowed me to not have to worry about getting homework done during the day whilst getting some semblance of restful sleep before I needed to get work done. This technique usually gave me around 5-7 hours to get homework done, which was always sufficient for my schedule. The pressure of that limited amount of time also meant that I was much less inclined to waste time procrastinating and instead maintained focused enough to get the required coursework done efficiently.

  • corona914

    Ever since I arrived to the United States about 13 years ago, procrastination has been big part of my life. In my case, not only does it apply to schoolwork but to other general responsibilities as well. I think that the major reason why I started to procrastinate so much was the lack of supervision from my parents since I started an education in a foreign language which they did not understand. I think I procrastinated even more when I was in high school but when I started college I took it upon myself to try my best to not procrastinate as much. Procrastination may or may not lead to lower grades in college, it not only depends on the class but it also depends on the student given that some students simply happen to work better under pressure. A great way to decrease procrastination I have found is to plan everything ahead of time and make notes of upcoming work as well as trying to keep everything organized. Organization highly helps with time management. Procrastination sure is hard to beat but if one really wants to do so and takes the necessary steps one can definitely succeed at it.

  • sgaspari

    Procrastination is an issue that is extremely difficult to overcome. I find myself putting things off until last minute constantly, regardless if I have all the time in the world some days. My procrastination worsens during the school year. I tell myself before the semester starts that I will be on top of all my work and get everything done early so that I do not have to worry and stress. These thoughts last about a week or two, then the procrastination begins. I end up staying up until ridiculous hours of the morning trying to finish a paper or absorbing information for a test. It is a horrible habit that I constantly try to convince myself to break but it is much easier said than done. Granted it does not affect my grades, but it does cause me an absurd amount of stress. I find myself slowly getting better at it by staying organized. I found that if I have a lot to do, I make a timeline for myself of all the tasks I need to complete on certain days in order to spread everything out and avoid cramming everything into one night!

  • MacaiahGross

    Procrastination is a contagious disease that spreads each semester among college students. I probably have it the worst! But my procrastination works in an odd cycle. As soon as an assignment is given to me, such as an essay, I think about it all day, plan it out, start a draft and sometimes even get as far as to complete the introduction. Then the next day comes and I dabble at some research and jot down more ideas. By the third day the assignment is in my mind, but I am no longer worker on it. For the next week or so I keep telling myself “oh its so easy! I’ll finish on time, I have so little to complete”. It takes between two nights to the exact night before the assignment is due before I start bugging and rushing to finish. In the end I get it done, but I usually lose points for silly mistakes and I am emotionally drained as well as my brain being fried throughout the day. Its not worth it!!!

  • Mike Fanelli

    Growing up I used to
    always be a big procrastinator but that has changed greatly as I’ve matured
    throughout the years. I feel that with my age and responsibilities that
    followed I was pushed towards being more responsible and I did just that.
    Now when I sit down to do work or any work for that matter I make sure
    that there is nothing around that would push me away from my focus and break my
    concentration on the task at hand. Procrastination is definitely not an
    easy obstacle to overcome, especially with Facebook, YouTube, and friends
    constantly texting. But with the right level of discipline all of that
    can be overcome and lead to a much more successful work session.