Cut The Cord

Last week I had a meeting with my boss. I couldn’t make it so I had my mother call and explain my absence to my boss. Then, I had a doctor’s appointment that I couldn’t keep. I didn’t cancel the appointment and the doctor was going to charge me for the visit anyway! I had my mother call to get me out of the penalty payment. It worked! She’s a tough one, my mom. Finally, I got pulled over because my car’s inspection was overdue. I whipped out my cell phone and had the cop talk to my mother. He was shaking in his boots.

I feel a bit guilty asking my mother to cover for me, but I’ve been doing it so long, it just seems natural. Most of the time, I have to lie to my mother to get her to do it, but she always believes me. In fact, sometimes she pretends it’s me when she calls on my behalf. Oh! Remember that meeting I missed with my boss? I told my mother I was sick, but I really just overslept.

Do these scenarios sound ridiculous to you? Of course they do. I’m an adult. Why would my mother make excuses for me when I’m perfectly capable of taking the heat on my own?

Word to the wise – do not have your mother call me to get you out of an assignment, test or paper. Having a parent intervene for you, sounds as insane to me, the teacher, as the fabricated stories above.

As always, this blog is inspired by my everyday teaching experiences.