Death By A Dumpster Contest – Win A Free Signed Copy of Drawing Conclusions

body with bag with beat with gun3

Welcome to Death By A Dumpster Contest

If you like solving puzzles and enjoy a creative challenge, here’s a mystery blog for you. To celebrate the launch of my mystery book series featuring CeCe Prentice, a Dumpster-diving Freegan,  I’m giving away the first book in the series, Drawing Conclusions, free to the winner of the Death By A Dumpster mystery game. A new game scenario will be posted every month leading up to the February launch. Each month I will select a new winner!

Here’s how it works. I’ve created a scenario based on the picture above. You solve the crime in a short paragraph and I will select a winner. There is no right answer. The winner will be chosen based on their creativity and plausible logic.  Check in on the first of the month for a new scenario and another chance to win a signed copy of Drawing Conclusions FREE!

Death By A Dumpster Contest

The body of a 40 year-old male is found dead in a Dumpster behind a bakery. The victim is clutching a pastry gun. A light white powder is covering his face and a bloody egg beater is discovered beneath the body.

Inside the bakery, the head pastry chef is drunk. A 20-year old female apprentice has fainted and a batch of red velvet cupcakes has burnt to a crisp.

You tell me — what happened?

To post your response, go to the blog comments and login. Register for the site and leave a valid email address. Winner selected by October 1, 2014.