Do You Love School?

ARE YOU ONE OF US? Are you in the club? Do you love school as much as we do?


That’s me, bottom row, far right, brown knee socks, Pilgrim collar. I’m so happy I’m practically screaming “I Love School.” In fact, that ridiculous neck device may have been designed to capture the drool as my mouth hung open in paralyzed glee.


How about the boy standing behind me in the double-breasted suit jacket? He’s one of us too! And the boys next to him? – not too shabby on the happy-meter.


Uh oh. I’m worried about the girl to my left. It’s like she’s smirking at me with her Mona Lisa smile. And those mod, hippy beads she’s wearing? I can’t compete with her serene, self-control. I suspect she doubts my enthusiasm. She probably thinks my joyous expression was sugar-induced or possibly clinical. Worse, I think she’s badmouthed me to the rest of the row. Look at their faces – I’ve frightened them off.


It’s not easy being a lover of school, but I’m here to tell you that we have strength in numbers. So stand-up and be heard. Are you one of us?


We accept TBT pictures as evidence for potential membership.




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  • Daniel Martinez

    This post was great, from the TBT picture to
    the humor. I would consider myself to be one of you guys. At first, school
    wasn’t my thing. Waking up early in the morning, riding the school bus, getting
    home, going to sleep early, to repeating the same routine until summer time was
    sickening. The only thing I looked forward to was meeting my friends during
    recess and running around like maniacs. My younger years in school were the
    greatest of all time because there was no responsibility and all I did was
    worry about what I was going to do following day during recess. School became
    everything to me not to long ago. I took a few years off after graduating high
    school, which delayed the college experience. However, at that time, working
    was more important to me. This is my last semester at WCC before graduating and
    every day I look forward to attending class. I have learned so many things,
    networked with so many people, and gained connections that I will use down the
    road. SUNY WCC made me love school! The atmosphere is great, the students are
    easy going, it’s affordable, and best of all- the professors I’ve had, cared
    about my success. I know it’s too late, and I’m getting older, but is it okay
    to be one of you? I too like school, and when I walk down the aisle during
    graduation, I’m sure I will have the same paralyzed glee you had.

    • prof. verne

      We accept latecomers too!

  • Jessica Olivier

    Look at that face. Doesn’t it look like the innocent face of a child that would love and look forward to school? WRONG. As a child, I despised school. I fought and threw tantrums in the mornings when my parents would try to take me to school. I loved talking to and playing with my friends, of course, but the process of getting up and going was not easy for me. That feeling lingered with me even through out middle school. Then, high school came around and I actually looked forward to my classes and teachers. I joined marching band and that really helped me enjoy my last years of education (before college of course). I’ll be honest, I’m probably one of the few people that actually enjoys my college classes. Maybe not any of my math courses, but the rest of them aren’t so bad! I don’t dread attending classes or doing assignments for online classes. It’s a lot easier for me to focus and concentrate with college classes because I’m not attending them every single day.
    I understand your look of paralyzed glee! The other kids were too jealous of you, I’m sure. Long live the kids that don’t shiver at the thought of school anymore!

    • prof. verne

      Welcome to the club!

  • Nikola Shkreli

    This article automatically caught my eye all because of my recent conversion to be one of you!!!!!!
    I can honestly say i have never liked school until recently. My whole life i have been a male version of that girl next to you. Thinking it wasn’t cool to like school and do work, Oh man was i wrong. In my opinion it started because as an Albanian immigrant i didn’t know english till i was in the 1st grade!! i didn’t know how to communicate with any of my peers nor my teachers! boy does that sound freighting. But even after that all i really cared about was meeting new people and having friends. I would dread the thought of waking up in the morning (just like everyone else apparently) to go into class and hear the teacher talk all day. Growing up in NYC I met kids from all over and was fascinated with the new friendships i built, making me more interested in building bonds with them over the work my teachers were assigning. I specifically remember always saying “I sit in class for 8 hours a day just to come home and have to do home work? i don’t think so!” As high school came around, thats where the “too cool for school” attitude kicked in. All i wanted to do was hangout and play basketball, which is why i joined the varsity basketball team, which now that i think about it was the only reason i kept my grades up to the standard. it doesn’t end there though, even after high school i was much more appealed with the thought of going to work and making money instead of going to classes at WCC. The recent conversion came along when i realized i didn’t want to work like a slave anymore and wanted to take control of my life! I began to see how an education was helping some of my family members and peers from high school, and thought “that can be me too! I’m done breaking my back working in labor.” I too just hope its not too late and hopefully am accepted into your “School is Cool” group!! haha

  • Sujin Oh

    Wow. You look like you haven’t changed at all! (Don’t freaked out. I am
    also taking your advertising class now.)

    Thinking back to my past, I really don’t like get up in the early morning
    to go to the school. I think I fought a lot with my mother had waken me up
    every morning. Also, there was cutthroat competition for studying in school. This
    had been happening for a total of 12years until I was accepted to college.
    Those two things are the reasons why I was really tired of going to the school
    at that time. But, if weren’t for my friends, I would have given up school at
    the middle. My friends and I stuck like glue every week at school. During happy
    or sad events, we comforted and celebrated each other like a family. Well. I
    think it was a possible to be a friend without an ulterior motive, because we
    were young kids at that time. We didn’t care about background, income or any
    other meaningless reasons to consider each other a friend. We could be friends
    simply because someone was sitting next to me or behind me. I sometimes miss my
    past, and think of my friends.

  • Luis Rolon

    Going back in the past and thinking if I loved school, my answer is yes and no. I hated school because it was like being in jail. They gave us our schedules and we had no say so in our classes. The classes didn’t really keep me captivated in the material. While I attend high school I had to get up early because I had to travel about 30 to 45 mins to school on public transportation. I did love school when it was something I felt like I would use out side of school. I have always been an artistic and creative person. So naturally I would be so into the classes. Now that I have been in college I have a greater respect and love for school. I have the freedom to pick class I feel are going to entice my spark to obtain knowledge. I now consider myself someone who loves school but I always loved to learn.

    • Sabrine Darwish

      “Now that I have been in college I have a greater respect and love for school” -I feel the same way!

  • Matt Brembs

    Growing up as a kid in elementary school I loved school. I liked all my teachers and I enjoyed being around my friends all the time and still to this day my best friends are form elementary school. My teachers weren’t dictators they let us act like kids and also educated us at a very high level at the same time. When I was a young kid in school we weren’t just like a school we were like a family. However when I got to high school I absolutely hated it. The majority of my teachers were on a power trip to prove whatever they were trying to prove. I didn’t learn much in high school. I could count on hand how many teachers I actually liked throughout my four years. I am now in my third year of college and have no complaints with where I am. I enjoy all of my classes, the teachers are very friendly and open to hearing what all students offer. I only travel about 15 minutes to get here so its not out of the way. I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of people that are very good friends. Overall my experience at WCC has been fun.

  • Angelo Catalfamo

    Since I can remember I never liked school. I always hated waking up and getting on a bus then having to do assignments that my teachers made me do. School was always torture to me I was never one to get great grades and test always freaked me out. Now I work as an electrician and go to school. Looking back on school I can’t understand why I hated it. It was the best. Almost all my friends I’ve made through school or met through people I knew from school. I gained so many memories from school. We would have so much fun in elementary school during free time or at lunch. Middle school we were disobedient and would laugh the entire day. Then by the time we made it to high school we were all best friends and got along with out teachers. High school was the most enjoyable part of my life so far. Seeing friends everyday, playing for the schools team, all your friends supporting you, and the only stress we had was getting our school work done. On top of all this we got an education from it we learned to read and right, we learned to add subtract, multiply, and divide we even learned about our bodies and the environment. Now that I’m in college I enjoy learning new things but I still miss being in high school with my friends that I grew up with since elementary school.

  • Sabrine Darwish

    Professor Verne looks absolutely adorable in this picture but I on the other hand was not so full of joy in elementary school. I wasn’t an A+ student like many kids who were just gifted smart. I would always get poor grades in cause of my disability. My hearing was not great but my school always tried to keep me on track with the rest of my fellow classmates. Although I was on the verge of getting left back my mother didn’t want me losing the chance of graduating with my initial class year and with my friends. My mother took matters into her own hands and hired a tutor for me. Thankfully I never got left back and I became a better student in certain ways. In high school I wasn’t really challenged to put a lot of effort into my classes. My high school was very easy on students. Once I started college thats when reality hit me. My hearing loss still affects me but I try my best to overlook the situation. I truly put all my attention into the classes Im taking and about 50% of the time I look over the textbook/ notes to teach myself when I didn’t hear the professor clearly. I actually understand the assignments that are given to me and I can honestly say that “I love school, now”!

  • Matthew Talty

    Growing up, I hated school. It was always a problem for my mother to get me there and by the time I got to high school If I happened to get there, it was a problem getting me to stay. I’ve always felt school wasn’t for me and ended up dropping out at age 17 to get my GED. Over the next couple years I was doing construction with my father and after taking that long break from school, at age 22 I decided to give college a go. This time around I have really been enjoying myself and have become passionate about my education. I feel I get enjoyment out of it because it feels rewarding in multiple ways; When I do good on an assignment/test and the feeling of knowing that I’m on the path to accomplishing something that is going to better my future. The challenges are exciting to me and I’ve noticed being back at school has helped me progress in other areas of my life; social, time management, unveiling new interests I didn’t know I had, etc.
    Unlike Professor Verne, I wasn’t a school lover at such a young age but after years of my tenacious views on school I’ve learned it’s never too late and to keep an open-mind about things.

  • tamer tulgar

    i always loved school but not for the “correct” reasons. i was excited to see my friends so we can think about the next mean thing we could do to the teachers. Everyday from middle school to the beginning of high school i would just mess with teachers and it would be so much fun. however my grades were always good growing up so it was hard for the principles to even get me into a lot of trouble. once high school began i loved going to school because that means I’m going to practice right after. i never really cared about the learning process and found school sort of easy my whole life. So yea i love school because i had so much fun dealing with friends and my sports.

  • Gabrielle Lacchini

    As Im approaching my senior year at Iona College I realized I do too love school. It gives me something to do if i didn’t have school I would be so bored. It also is a way to meet new people and socialize while learning. Without dorming my first three years of school I wouldn’t have met the friends I am currently so close with. I also love learning even if in the moment I’m stressed I feel that I can take whatever I learned with me through my life and maybe use it again in the future. I feel this internet marketing class is so very helpful to the future and the online world and I’m enjoying reading the book and blogging and using pinterest.etc. Yes there are positives and negatives in school but once you’re almost done/done you miss it and want to go back. Thinking in a year I’ll be in a real job or looking for one makes me very nervous and makes me want to go back to first grade again. It truly makes you who you become when you step out into the real world.