Do You Love School?

ARE YOU ONE OF US? Are you in the club? Do you love school as much as we do?


That’s me, bottom row, far right, brown knee socks, Pilgrim collar. I’m so happy I’m practically screaming “I Love School.” In fact, that ridiculous neck device may have been designed to capture the drool as my mouth hung open in paralyzed glee.


How about the boy standing behind me in the double-breasted suit jacket? He’s one of us too! And the boys next to him? – not too shabby on the happy-meter.


Uh oh. I’m worried about the girl to my left. It’s like she’s smirking at me with her Mona Lisa smile. And those mod, hippy beads she’s wearing? I can’t compete with her serene, self-control. I suspect she doubts my enthusiasm. She probably thinks my joyous expression was sugar-induced or possibly clinical. Worse, I think she’s badmouthed me to the rest of the row. Look at their faces – I’ve frightened them off.


It’s not easy being a lover of school, but I’m here to tell you that we have strength in numbers. So stand-up and be heard. Are you one of us?


We accept TBT pictures as evidence for potential membership.




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