Dr. Who? The Mysterious Case of Teacher Name Amnesia

“So, who do you have for Marketing?”

“I don’t know. Some lady. She’s kinda short with blondish hair.”

“Is it easy?”


“Yeh, as long as you get the notes. She gives a lot of notes.”


 “Okay, maybe I’ll take her. I just don’t want Professor Staff.”

There’s so much to remember every semester. One textbook alone weighs about 5 pounds. Multiply that by 5 classes and it’s no mystery you can’t remember your teachers’ names. Isn’t this why the generic title “Prof” was invented? And let’s face it – is it really necessary to remember names for a bunch of people you’ll only know for 15 weeks? They seem to be in the classroom at the exact time the class starts and if you raise your hand, they call on you. They pass out tests and return stuff with a lot of red marks. Assuming the work gets done, a final grade will materialize on your transcript. It’s not like there’s extra credit for remembering a teacher’s name.

Here’s a quick test.  How many of your teachers’ names can you remember? Whoops, time is up.

Students never remember my name. Unless I experience an adult growth spurt or have an uncontrollable urge to dye my hair orange, I think I’ll always be the ‘kinda short one with blondish hair’.

That being said, I am amazed at the number of students who can’t remember my name when it’s really important. Specifically, when a favor is sought – like an extension. To ask for an extension, you might have to find my office. To find my office, you need my name.  There’s always email but last time I looked my email wasn’t kindashortblondish@school.edu.  You could call me, but apparently remembering my name triggers Math brain freeze. Too bad we’re not Facebook friends but then again – friends know each other’s names.

Hey – isn’t all the contact information on the syllabus?

Right, the dog ate it.

  • Bruna Gjeci

    I really can relate to this post. But not by first hand, because for the most part I am very good with remembering faces and and names. Sometimes i see students that don’t know half or all of his/her professors name! It’s kind of ridiculous but then again understandable,if they been in the class for only a few days.

  • Wadiya stone

    I actually think this post is funny, since that is how i would describe you and i have had so many teachers some of their names is almost impossible to remember. I sometimes even forget my favorite teachers so its that much harder to remember a teachers name that i didnt converse with much. I also feel that teachers dont remember students names, i have had teachers who only know students because of where they are seated in a class. Bottom line is there are so many people you can come across in a day how can you remember names? The word ” prof” helps you that much more to forget a teachers name aswell.

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