Fidget Spinner Takes Out Teacher’s Eye

Actually no – I haven’t lost an eye. However, I am preparing for the latest classroom distraction. THE FIDGET SPINNER.

My thirteen-year old son found a broken one outside his school. I had no idea what it was, but he quickly repaired the gadget with a penny and tape. Within seconds, that damn thing was twirling through his fingers like a stationary Yo-Yo. I wondered if a frustrated teacher hadn’t grabbed it out of a kid’s hand and chucked it out the classroom window. Regardless, my son was psyched to rescue and repair it. I then watched, helplessly, as he mastered tricks faster than a professional baton twirler. By dinner time, the second-hand spinner had been banned after my older son had me watch a video of his best-friend balancing a rotating fidget on his nose while rapping an idiotic rhyme about what else? – Fidget Spinners.

I’m sure no one reading this blog knows about the deadly precursor to the Fidget Spinner. Let me introduce you to Click Clacks. This wildly popular toy from the 1970’s provided a similar type of repetitive satisfaction – two rock hard, acrylic balls attached with a string. Kids would bounce the balls against each other until, inevitably, one ball would shatter sending plastic shards of shrapnel into an unsuspecting eye. Yup – it’s always fun until someone loses their vision. All I can say about the old days is that a teacher would have strangled a student with their Click Clacks had they dared to bring them to school. Of course, today Fidget Spinners are being touted as a solution to attention deficit disorderStress reliever focus toy for adults and students is how one current ad reads.

Anyway – I’ve weathered a host of disruptions while teaching. My short list includes: a loose bird, a swarm of bees, a squirrel trapped in the ceiling, a variety of spilled foods and drinks, ringing phones, talking students, crying students, vomiting students, fist fights, blackouts and a family of ground hogs outside the classroom window. (For the record, the ground hog clan was adorable. Totally worth stopping a lecture to ooh and ahh.)

So, bring on those Fidget Spinners, the latest answer to classroom boredom and a sure-fire cure for ADHD. I’m ready and waiting.

Question for my readers – what do you do to relieve boredom in a classroom?