Graduation Gowner and The Meaning of a Diploma

           13 graduations ceremonies x 4 hours each x 1 graduation gown

Holy cow, I’ve been wearing this gown for 52 hours and it’s never been washed. This is what I’m pondering two hours into my 13th graduation ceremony. I can’t help it. I’m bored and I’ve read the list of
graduates so many times I’ve committed every name to memory – even the names I can’t pronounce.  Since I’m fairly resourceful, I invent a game of finding students whose first and last names begin with the same letter. Just as I make my way to the “L’s” – as in Lin Li,  I get a tap on the shoulder.

“What do you do if you have to go to the bathroom?”  It’s one of my students sporting a perfectly clean graduation gown.

 “I usually go to the bathroom but I’m weird that way,” I answer.

That response stayed in my head but I felt my AirBubble about to burst.


“You should go to the bathroom,” I advise solemnly and he does. This exchange got me thinking which is good because I’d already mastered my name matching game and I
needed another diversion.

“What does a diploma mean?” I ask myself as the row of graduates behind me stands to make way for my student.  Then, I quickly run
another mental calculation.

1000 graduates x 1000 Poland Spring Water bottles

By my rough estimate at least 50% of the graduates have the same question as my
student.  So what does a diploma mean? It means you no longer have to ask permission to use the facilities.

            Hats off to the Class of 2013!

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