Have You Ever Seen A Student Laugh During a Test?

Students take on all sorts of strange body positions during exams.

Some hunch over their desk like a bomb is about to drop. Some turn their leg on like the Energizer bunny. I call those students the knee shakers and I know for a fact that it drives the students around them crazy.  I’ve also seen chronic face rubbers, hair chewers and spaced out daydreamers.

The one test taking posture I find the strangest is:


 the chuckler’ – that’s the student who giggles during the exam.


The chuckler struck again just last week and based on the class grades, it wasn’t a particularly funny test.


So what gives?

What’s so amusing about my tests?

I went over the last test to see what triggered the chuckler.  I thought maybe the test had a typo that resulted in a side-splitting misspelling like:


 “Booze the best answer’ or ‘Nun of the above’.


But then I realized academic lingo isn’t even funny when misspelled. Does anything actually rhyme with Final or Mid Term?


Then, I thought maybe the pattern of bubble answers resulted in a connect the dots diagram I wouldn’t want my grandmother to see.  I went back and drew the lines in – totally G rated.


I’m fresh out ideas.  So if you’re a test chuckler or know of chronic test chuckler, please voice your sober opinion here.

  • http://www.youtube.com/grantdux Grant Grandison

    I would not exactly describe myself as a chronic test-chuckler but I have chuckled through a few exams recently. I have done so doubtingly in a manner which disrupted my fellow classmates but nonetheless witnessed by my cohorts. There are usually cohorts, someone other than the chuckler who is aware of the source of humor if not the cause of it.

    In my experience, students become “chucklers” during an exam for several reasons. The chuckle may be a response to how ridiculously easy the test is or how unfamiliar in relation to what was covered in class.

    Some students, like myself, laugh at the pain of others. Well at least at the ones that rarely show up for class. The ones that arrive extremely late or leave extra early. The ones that never do any homework or read the chapters. I find it amusing the way they squirm in their seats. Their nervous twitches gives me the giggles. The agony of ignorance imprinted on their faces. Whoever said ignorance was bliss haven’t met these guys.

    I chuckle in confidence of my predictions. I always try to assess and analyze my classmates in an effort to predict early on who the ‘fail-ers’ are. I try not to right them off as failures, but you can always tell. They do very little or none of the work then act surprised when they get a bad grade. Yeah, I chuckle at that. I chuckle whenever anyone hands in an exam within the first 30 minutes. I can almost guarantee they missed something, most likely their chance at a better grade. I often chuckle at the hot girl, who’s always texting or on instagram during class, now surreptitiously attempting to solicit answers from me. I’m assuming she figures I know the correct answers since I am always paying attention. Isn’t that funny? Well, enough of this chuckling, I have an exam to finish. *chuckles*

  • Eugenia Alvarez

    I think the chuckler during a test and the spaced out day dreamer during a test come out to be the same exact person. I am personally the spaced out day dreamer during a test. As soon as the test is handed out I usually write my name and the date and then I go blank out of nowhere and suddenly everything around me begins to catch my attention and different thoughts just fill up my head that before I know it thirty minutes have passed by and I have yet to flip the page. But while I am spaced out my mind jumps from thought to thought and I usually catch myself trying not to cause any attention to myself because of my tone of voice. Usually I catch myself laughing at a funny memory and since I am already unaware of my surroundings and my laughter ends up being louder than I anticipated. While those funny stories/memories are replaying in my mind I do not realize that I am smiling and giggling and doing the complete opposite of what I intended to do. That is when I look up at the clock and see that time I have left is almost up. That is when I realize I have to rush for time and try and read as many questions as I can and answer as many as I can before my time is up. There is a high chance that I made weird remarks throughout the test without even realizing. Sometimes when we space out and begin to day dream we lose total sense of our present.

  • Thomas Weingarten

    Test Chuckling is a way for the student to try to put themselves at ease. Often it is when a student doesn’t really feel prepared, and kind of knows they don’t have a chance. Rather than get really nervous and freak out, the chuckle can relax them a little to just do the best they can. Often, the chuckle is a form of saying, “Shoot, I’m pretty screwed. Here we go.” It isn’t funny, but at that point there’s nothing the student can do. They probably know it is their fault that they aren’t doing great, hence the chuckle at themselves.