Healthy Food, Healthy Brain


I’m not sure what horrible thing I did in a past life but somehow, I’ve been banned to the least desirable classroom on the campus. My room, with its glass door, is no more than a crumpled napkin’s throw from the college café. Right outside my door is an atrium dining area where hungry students wolf down their meals and chat with their classmates while I slog through yet another lecture.

Distracting for me? Absolutely. And here’s why. Students regularly leave class (while I’m lecturing) to grab a bite and then they saunter back into class, with their Gatorade stained mouths and a plate of food.

It’s like teaching at a drive-thru!

And here’s the sad part….no apples, salads, nuts or even a Smoothie has ever made it past the door. My class has become a 75-minute junk food fest. I’m no doctor, but I’m happy to describe the gastronomic effect of consuming chips, soda and cookies in combination with school work – lots of stuffed, sleepy students.

Help me out. Should I ban all eating or allow only healthy foods?