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I’m not a blogger. I’m not a writer. Just saying that straight out so don’t expect this to be poetry. Just a regular student wondering about a topic.


As young adults with cell phones we’re always texting, which isn’t bad. In fact, it’s amazing! I can’t even begin to wonder what life would be like without my thumbs pounding on my screen and cursing at spell check for correcting “mistakes” even though I still won’t turn it off because I know I can’t spell worth cr*p. Excuse my French.

So texting does kind of annoy me especially when people do it at the worst times.

And I don’t mean in the classroom, cause let’s face it – we can’t focus for a few minutes on the board, but our attention is always entranced by the miraculous cell phone screen.

No, I mean when hanging out with friends or family at dinner. Someone always has their cellphone on their lap or worse….on the table. So whose attention do they have? Neither the friend speaking nor the one texting back has this person’s full attention. At this moment, the person is literally talking to two or more people at once.

Don’t we usually hate that? Is it alright even if the words don’t have sound?

For some, it can cause insecurity, knowing that they don’t have your full attention. They may be thinking, “am I boring?”, “would my friend rather talk to that person?”, “who is more important here?” “would you rather be hanging out them?”

And yet others are perfectly satisfied sitting at a table with a group of friends and no one uttering a word …. so awkward.

Still, there’s always that one person on Facebook because they want to appear busy like everyone else on their phones and thinking “omg! You people are boring!”

So like I said – texting is amazing but can be annoying. Anyways so yea ttyl!




  • Deirdre Verne

    I’d rather students text than talk to their neighbor.

  • Rosa Orzuna

    I totally agree with you! Why go out in the first place?
    It is extremely annoying when most of the people sitting on a table are texting while I wait for them to be able to talk to me. Some people have forgotten about the importance of communication. I solved this problem by telling my friends how disrespectful and annoying it is- to text or use the phone while trying to keep a conversation with the person next to you. Now, we go out and actually have a real conversation. CELL PHONES SHOULDN’T BE ALLOW AT RESTAURANTS LOL 

  • Matthew Carver

    It’s funny, every time I sit down at dinner or hang out in a bar scene I see 4 out of 5 people whip their cell phone out and text away. I look at it from both a selfish positive point of view and and the annoyed/angry “I’m being ignored” point of view. Let me explain…. When I’m out by myself or waiting for friends to show, it’s the best thing in the world. I send and read messages just to kill time. It’s GREAT! But, on the flip side when you’re trying to enjoy the day/night and your friend is constantly facebook’ing or texting… It drives me crazy. What happened to the days before cell phones became media and social network enabled? What happened to the times before a texting was even a possibility? I’ll tell you… ADD and ADHD wasn’t nearly as common and people got along just fine.

    Before it was, “can you walk and chew bubble gum at the same time?”. Now it’s, “can you walk and text at the same time”? And you can totally forget about “talking and texting at the same time.” lol

    With all of that said, you’ve got to love the fact that we can text and browse on mobile devices and most definitely still appreciate the people that deserve our undivided attention.

  • Emily

    I could not agree with this more! I wrote an entire paper last semester on how unless all devices are away you never fully have someone attention. I think it is the most frustrating thing to be sitting at a table with someone trying to have a conversation or just enjoy their company yet they are just tapping away on this electronic device that they think connects them to the world. How ever I think you should connect to the world by talking to those who surround you and enjoy whats going on here and now not what happened 20 minutes ago to your “friend” that you haven’t seen in 5 year. I could go on and on about this and yes sometimes i catch myself being rude and talking on my phone while I’m with others but usually my phone is in my bag in the other room.you can ask my mom it drives her CRAZY! She always says your always on that thing when you’re home but when i call you never answer. That’s usually because when I’m home Im doing my own thing and Im alone so if I’m on my phone I’m not being rude to anyone.I recently went away with a few friends. We rented a house in Cape Cod and right when you walked in the door my friend placed a bucket for you to place your phone. It so we could all enjoy the time we were having together… I thought it made the trip 10 times better.

  • Hayley315

    I totally understand you. I am actually an avid texter. Most times I’m scrolling through Facebook thinking about how boring it is on Facebook, to sign off and then sign back on to feel the same way. Its a vicious cycle – and I’ve lost my cell phone about two times, and amazingly feel set free when I don’t have my cellphone in my hand. I wonder if it can be a valid addiction ? Imagine.. True life Im addicted to texting.

  • nickessernow

    I completely agree with this post. It is so annoying when people are hanging out and on their phones. I don’t care when other people are doing it with their friends but when you are hanging out with me I want your attention. I have been called aggressive or even rude at times. I have literally taken phones out of my friends hands and asked, “AM I BORING YOU?” They normally apologize, but I have gotten in the bad habit of not giving the phone back for a little while as a social experiment. Its fun to watch people squirm without their phones. At dinner even if it is just me and my husband at home, if he pulls out his phone during dinner I tell him he can excuse himself and go play on it but he has to leave his food. I remember back in the day when I was in high school 10 years ago our cell phones didn’t text or maybe they did but we didn’t use it because it was to expensive we all just used to play snake on our old Nokia phones. My how times have changed.

  • Nickscarnati1114

    This is so true about texting while at the dinner table my father would never allow it a few years back but ever since he has gotten a smartphone he is the one who cant put it down! All of us will be sitting down having conversation and he gets an incoming call or email and he stops everything he is doing because its “important” for his work business. Texting really has changed the way we go about our lives and even the little things like having family dinner every night.

  • sgaspari

    I agree with this post! Almost all of today’s generation is guilty of using their phone where it is portrayed rude or offending, for example the dinner table. I do think it is rude to use your cellphone at dinner, whether you are home or out. One of my biggest pet peeves is when you are at dinner with someone and you talking to them or telling them something, but they hesitate to answer because they were zoned out while texting. We should be able to be without our phones for at least an hour or less. My parents have now began to use their phone at the table too, whether my mom needs to check her work email or my dad needs to check the score of a game. I am guilty of it too at times, although I try very hard not to be! It is sad that our lives have become dependent on our phone at all times, but there comes a point where we must accept it because it does not seem as if it will ever improve.