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  • Zack Eklund

    Never let them see you sweat, I’ve heard that a thousands times in my life and its true. once you let them see you sweat or your scared they think he cant hang or he not ready to handle this type of pressure. so right off the bat you put yourself in a hole, that’s going to be pretty hard to get yourself out of. the ablility to act cool and calm in a crisis shows you peers the people you work with that your able to handle real stressful situations and that you don’t crack under pressure, you can be counted on when needed. also it opens up a leadership role that other people will begin to follow because your confident and know you can take on any situation that comes your way. another thing that’s helps you stay calm and not show people your emotions are breathing, breathing helps take the mind off the emotions. all this can help you in a group activity or an interview. if you can show someone that you are nervous and that you don’t crack under pressure people are going to look up to you and want you around more and want you to be apart of there group because they know they can count on you. call me crazy but sometimes praying helps. some people might pray a couples hours before a big meeting or presentation and it could help them get over there nervous ways and able to get through that meeting. also from a business point of view never repeat yourself over and over or use words like always, stuff and youll make sure that they’ll never see u sweat. also never get caught lying especially in an interview because then your done youll start stuttering and you wont know what to say. then that’s when all the nerves and sweating comes into play because you wont know what to think or do when you get caught in a lie in a big time situation. also if after a job interview they ask you to stay and have lunch it is key to choose wisely on what to have for lunch. don’t order a pasta meal with sauce or baby back ribs, order a sandwich or a cheese burger something easy to eat and something that is clean to eat. you don’t want to make to much of a mess. so like people say don’t let them see you sweat, stay confident, speak the truth you repeat the truth, don’t start off or come off nervous come off with a strong opening statement that will stick in people heads and always try and be a leader because a leader stands out and everyone wants to follow a leader. you follow these simple steps I promise you they will never see you sweat they wont even see a drop of sweat come off you.

  • Maria Landi

    Interviewing for a job can be a very stressful situation. People are usually nervous, all your plans are depending on a impression someone will have about you. You have a short amount of time to show your best side to a person you never saw before in your life. That’s only if everything goes according to plan. However, as we well know life is not black and white, it’s grey and things happens.
    Exactly as we saw at the post, even if a “tragedy” happens during your interview, you can’t just assume that your chance of getting the position is lost and lose your cool. Employers are not looking for people that never do anything wrong, but they are interested in people that know how to handle a situation where something went wrong.
    I have my little story on that matter; I was interviewing for a restaurant job, I sat down with the manager at the end of the bar to talk, he asked the bartender for a glass of orange juice for himself, and offer me one, I accepted. In the middle of our conversation about how he expected me to always smile to customers and be graceful, I dropped the glass of orange juice on me and him. Even though I wanted to scream, I kept my cool, apologized, asked the bartender for a rag and started to clean the mess on the bar and at the floor myself. Then I look him in the eye and once more said that I was sorry, with a smile on my face. End of the story he gave me the job, he said accidents like that happens all the time in restaurants, and that I handled it really well.
    That’s life; sometimes the bad becomes the good, and maybe if I hadn’t spilled OJ all over the place I would have been just another girl interviewing, and might have not gotten the job.

  • Melina Marzall

    I actually don’t have any big story where I got myself covered in red sauce or a bumble bee came into my car. But I know that when we have our job interviews we want it to be perfect. We want to be prepared and have the perfect hair, perfect dress and even “the” perfect smile. Four years ago, when I was living in Brazil and didn’t speak English that well, my current boss from the US used to call me and make the interviews by the phone. Now, imagine my situation. He used to call me in random hours and I had to be ready to speak with him in another language. He actually tells me today that many times was very hard to understand my “English”, but imagine how I felt. I was on the cell phone, thousands of miles of distance away, speaking my second language and trying so hard to understand everything that he was saying especially when the connection wasn’t that good. Don’t forget, these were my interviews. We used to speak for an hour. Sure, I was always nervous, but I ended up handling very well. I got the job!! Until today, he laughs about how funny our conversations were on the phone when I was saying things that when translated from Portuguese to English sounded very weird sometimes. The translation from Portuguese to English doesn’t have the same meaning sometimes. So, it can become very funny, weird or inappropriate to say. In any situation (or under any circumstances), we should always be ready to do our best. We have to always try, but if doesn’t work out, we should always continue to try again because life never stops.

  • Carla Rodriguez

    Going into a job interview is very important,yet can be very intense. Going to a interview means looking appropriate, behaving your best. We all know that everyone gets nervous while a job interview. We all want to impress and always hope to get the position that we’re seeking. Even though we might be confident before an interview, as soon as we walk in the room it can change completely. From my own experience , I had a job interview at a law firm , it was my first serious job working for lawyers yet my nerves where killing me. Even though in my head I was confident, when I arrived there I was too nervous. When I first walked in the room all I could think of is don’t mess up in what your going to say. When the lady was interviewing me, everything she was saying to me was just a blur. At a point she had ask me question and I was clueless of what was she saying. I answer anything since I was so nervous that she reply “are you sure” I felt clueless and had to apologized and ask whether she can repeat herself. She laugh and gladly repeated herself, at that point I felt a relief and felt more confident. By the end of the interview I did get the job, and my moral to my experience is pay attention and not let my nerves come over me.

  • Kathryn Horowitz

    Never let them see you sweat is a great term to use for how you should go into an interview. Going into an interview you should put a mindset that you are the best person they could hire. Showing confidence shows you are a problem solver, independent, strong, person. If you think negative you are going to get negative results and look vulnerable. For example, when I go into an interview I shake the interviewers hand firm and confident. Just be yourself. Confidence is key. Even if you have tomato sauce from your lunch all over your white shirt. Make a joke about it and still be professional. Most of the time the interviewers love it! Cheers them up during their long days at work.