It’s Over, Seriously

Tomorrow is Christmas. Presents have been purchased, wrapped and properly labeled.  Two batches of holiday cookies, neatly sealed in red & green tins are piled on my kitchen counter.  This year, I’m ahead of the game. I’ve even avoided my annual pre-xmas head cold.

So why am I losing it?

Because I’ve got a handful of students who don’t understand that school has actually ended. In a 24-hour, electronic world, the emails just keep coming.


Email: “I can’t get in touch with you. You’re not in your office.”


Unmailed Response:“I’m in my pajamas wrapping gifts.”



Email:“I’m just trying to hand in my assignment like you asked.”


Unmailed Response:  “From November? It’s almost January.”



Email:“Thank you for the extension”


Unmailed Response:“Huh?”



Email:“I missed the final.”


Unmailed Response:  “It missed you too.”


  • Bruna Gjeci

    wow…it is not your job to keep reminding them constantly when the Finals are, it’s on the syllabus that you post up online every semester and assignments have due dates for a reason.. it’s college not High School. Prof. Verne is not your nanny or mother, she’s there to teach you, not serve you. Try to understand that needs a break and peace with her Family for the Holidays and most important she needs to be RESPECTED.

    -Happy Holidays

  • Denison

    I miss Vernes Class lol awesome clever teacher haha

    “It missed you too” lol

  • Rosa Orzuna

    This is just unbelievable, how do you expect to be successful in life without having responsibility. The key to success in being able to respect others in order to be respected. How do students expect respect ? In other words a good grade from a professor when all they do is disrespect by not valuing her time and effort in each and every class. High School days are over once College starts. College is supposed to be challenging , it the part of life , nothing gets easier. It is up the the student to create a successful future .

    Professor Deirdre Verne, is one of the best in Westchester Community College. Marketing and Advertising were just the best classes with all her visual examples. RESPECT PROFESSOR VERNE , SHE IS AWESOME!

  • Corey Gardner

    I really enjoyed reading this post, especially the “I missed the final,” “It missed you too” part – very clever. This post shows how absurd students can be; thinking that they can just keep sending things after the deadline has passed. They believe the teacher will grade it, like some automatic machine with has nothing else better to do. I think some students forget that teachers are people and deserve to be treated with respect. Teachers do not exist solely so that students may complete their course. Teachers are people too, with lives outside of school and this is why they post due dates so that they need not be bothered with having to grade coursework the day before Christmas.

    However, it is easy to forget this when taking an online course. When you don’t see the teacher even once a week it is easy to forget about due dates and get caught up in other life requirements. I have already missed one assignment due for one of my online classes because I was very sick and somehow didn’t see it last week. I still sent in the assignment hoping the teacher will grade it but I find it highly unlikely that they will due to their “no late assignments, no exceptions” rule.

    Although in terms of whether or not they should grade it, I’m not sure… I suppose I feel some things should still be accepted after the due date because someone could have rough week – family member death, extreme sickness, etc. Yet when it comes to finals week, nothing should be accepted after the finals are finished. That should be the very last day to have everything handed in. Any student who submits work after that point is just being disrespectful and negligent. Anyone agree? It is also interesting to note that this scenario would not have been possible 10-20 years ago before e-mails could be sent as easily as a phone call. Could this also hint at the idea that some advancements in technology have created unnecessary stressful/negative situations for teachers?

  • Libet

    Students should really be mindful that professors have lives too. They don’t live in their classrooms and have families to take care of. Once the semester is over, the [former] student needs to be respectful and refrain from sending emails about things that should have been handled before the semester was over.

  • Jahlen Wallington

    College is an era of self-responsibility where students must always take the repercussions of their actions. This especially true when it comes to assignments and instructions given by their professors. The worst part are the students who violate the time constraints given by the professor and believe that it can be overlooked. All students must follow the same instructions and same time constraints made by the professor so no student receive any special treatment.