Awkward Student Encounters

I know it’s weird for students to see a teacher outside of class – at a local restaurant or the supermarket.  Even seeing me walk to my car on campus, freeks some students out.

Come on, how else am I supposed to get home?

Just to be fair, I’ve had some strange encounters with students outside of school that have given me the willies, too.

Here are my….




5. The Emergency Room


A student, who looked perfectly healthy to me, insisted on chatting me up about class while the tip of my 3-year olds index finger was hanging from a thread.


4. The Dermatologist


Let’s just say I sat across the waiting room, in case whatever the student had was contagious.



3. CVS


The student was the pharmacist and now, fully aware of my medical history!



2. Loehmann’s Dressing Room


Remember the open concept dressing rooms?


1.The Ob-Gyn


Yes – we were both pregnant.


Got an awkward encounter with a teacher or student? See if you can top mine. 


  • Krishe Van Der Walt

    I have experienced this awkward moment but in the reverse. I was on vacation with my family. I met a few people who invited me to a party. We were having a great time drinking, laughing and sharing embarrassing stories. As the night progressed and the alcohol intake increased, the stories got raunchier. Little did I know that one of the story tellers was a professor. I went home and never thought about it twice. Soon summer ended and the next semester started. I walked into my class, lo and behold here was the raunchy story teller (who shall remain nameless)as my professor. I couldn’t look up at him. The things I now knew and couldn’t “unknow” was displayed all over my very red, very embarrassed face. I was really hoping he wouldn’t remember me and seemingly he didn’t. I was relieved and kept the information to myself. At the end of the semester, I was walking toward my car and saw that the professor was(as Murphy would have it)by his car, parked next to mine. He saw me, smiled and made a comment about our encounter at the party. It dawned on me, he had known the whole time.

  • Christopher Eyssen

    My freshman year I was taking a human behavior psychology class with a relatively young professor. She couldn’t have been more than 30 years old. The school I attended was located in a very small town in Connecticut. It was a Tuesday night which meant 25 cent wings at the local pub so my friends and I hopped in a cab and headed over there for a late dinner. We get to the pub around 10 pm and one of the first things I see when I walk in is my psychology professor on stage singing karaoke while fighting to hold her balance. On top of the 25 cent wings, it was also $1 pitcher night which looked like she had been taking advantage of. In a matter of 15 minutes she went from being on stage, singing what she thought was a good mix of Justin Timberlakes “Cry Me a River” to actually crying a river in the booth behind me. If that’s not awkward, I don’t know what is.

  • deirdreverne

    Hilarious! I’m wondering if she ever got tenure.

  • Shanel Santana

    That awkward moment as a server when a group of all your high school Spanish teachers go out to eat and you just so happen to be their server… yea that was me. try having your ear talked off about old high school memories, embarrassing ones at that. oh and then try explaining to all of them 3 years later what you’re doing with your life when in reality you still have no clue. yea always a pleasure to wait had and foot of your former high school teachers. Great tip though.

  • Samantha Stone

    I love this post!

    I grew up and went to school in Riverdale in the Bronx, and it is a very small town! A lot of people even lived in the same building as their teachers.

    I have two weird stories:

    1. When I was in middle school, my history teacher lived beneath me. Some of my friends at the time took advantage of this knowledge and ordered a party-size amount of Chinese food to his apartment. Needless to say elevator, rides became extremely awkward!

    2. When I was in 11th grade my friends and I tried to rack up some candy on Halloween so after a drink or two (sorry Professor, you didn’t just read that) we ended up knocking on our current AP Biology teacher’s door. He pretended not to notice the smell and bottle and we pretended not to notice his girlfriend dressed in an extremely sexy costume. He gave us all apples instead of candy.

  • luisinga

    I completely agree that it is weird when students see teachers outside of class. I had that problem two semester ago because one day when I was shopping with my mother in the Jefferson Valley Mall, I saw my teacher of my Financial Accounting class and I was freaking out because I remember that I was struggling in that class and by seeing my teacher there, it was completely weird. So I decided to go and say Hello to her but at the same time it was completely weird, and when my mom figured that I was looking at her, she asked me who was that person and I told her that she is my teacher, and she went to say hello to her too. Until today I cannot forget that my mom went to talk to her after I said that she was my teacher, and I remember that my mom asked my teacher how I was doing in her class and she told my mom that I was in risk of fail the class and my mom started to ask her everything, and I couldn’t believe. After a while I understood that after she told my mom of how I was in her class, I started to read more and do all the homework on time and at the end I had a B.
    Now I when I see a teacher outside of class I say hello all the time, and no matter what I always try to talk face to face with my teachers because it’s the best way to start having a conversation with a professor outside of class. When I see my teachers on campus I always smile and say HELLO, HOW ARE YOU, AND AT THE END I ALWAYS SAY HAVE A WODERFUL DAY BECAUSE TEACHERS ARE THE BEST ROLE MODELS FOR STUDENTS TO BE SUCCESFUL IN LIFE AND WE CAN BE THE CHANGE THAT THE WORLD NEED. THNAK YOU TO ALL MY PROFESSORS AND ESPECIALLY PROFESSOR: VERNE FOR GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO SAY WHAT I THINK.

  • Miranda Closson

    I have ran into so many of my teachers outside of class, it’s scary. Last semester, I had a teacher who I had as a customer at Robek’s where I used to work. He would always look at me and I would look at him, as if I knew him, his voice sounded familiar. It took me a while to realize he was actually a customer when he approached me and said, HEY you look familiar? Did you work at Robek’s? And instantly it clicked. I knew his exact drink and order, I remember what he used to wear when he came into the store.

    Running into teachers can be quite awkward, especially when you didn’t show up to the teacher’s class and especially when the class was an hour ago and you casually run into them while going to your other class that is 10 minutes after his. You’re just hoping he won’t recognize you, after you make up some excuse as to why you weren’t there, like being sick or tired or the weather or car troubles.

  • Bailey Johannsen

    Ha! I get so star struck seeing important people like my professors. A few of my professors have kids that went to the same preschool I taught at, it was weird to see my professors, and I was never sure whether or not I was crossing the line for telling my professors about their children’s behavior, or fixing their children’s behavior, but they always asked me to babysit, & I made a lot of extra money! The weirdest thing is that now I work at a bank which a lot of my professors have accounts at, yay small college towns. If they do a transaction I always check to see if they’d prefer someone else to look at their account, they always say no. However, it is super uncomfortable for me, I don’t want to be in their accounts, and I really don’t want to have to read off how many times they went to the bar in a week, and total up their purchases at the liquor store, that’s just awkward, really awkward, especially when they start crying, that’s even more awkward, money goes away quickly if you frequent the liquor store & it sucks. Liquor & coffee are very common professor purchases.