My Five Favorite Words


If you really want your professor to like you, try these five words.


“What else do you teach?


Like a fine bottle of wine, this question needs time to age. If you throw it in too early, it won’t ring true. I recommend saving it up until the end of the semester. Why? Because it implies a tangible action that benefits the professor. Registration is open and you’re about to pick classes. Teachers’ need to fill their classes, especially electives. Your question is exactly what they want to hear.


Consider this –compliments are perishable. They’re gone the minute you walk out of the classroom. Asking a teacher what else they teach is a compliment with a complimentary commitment. It’s like down payment and timed correctly, it will leave your professor with a positive feeling about you.


And that can’t hurt during final exams. So mark your calendar now.

  • Victor Alvarez

    This is interesting, I’ve had at least 2 professors who have been, in my opinion, so good at teaching and promoting discussions that i took all the classes they had available to teach as electives. I love taking classes where the students are encouraged to participate AND the topic of the class is complex and has many different points of view with no real “right answer”.
    I would imagine that if a student asks a professor “what other classes do you teach?” just to be in their good side, the professor would see trough the ruse. But hey, here is to hoping it works as i will be trying this in every class i take from now on.

  • Jessica

    Most of the classes taken throughout your college career are mandatory and part of the “core curriculum.” However, there have been a few classes that I had to take that I thoroughly enjoyed, and the teacher made all the difference. It is unfortunate when you are excited to take a class and the teacher, for whatever reason, does not appeal to your liking. If I enjoyed both the class AND the teacher, I will do everything in my power to take a class again with the same professor. It’s especially helpful when the teacher has a true concern and care for their students, and the students will definitely respect and admire whomever is teaching them. It is also useful to use them as a reference and a sort of mentor when thinking about your future college or career path.

  • Tyler Stagg

    It is very hard to find a professor that you will really like because of the different styles of teaching that they have. Once you find that professor, you would hope that he or she offers more classes that falls into your curriculum or best that will also fit your schedule. Going through a class sometimes can be difficult but if you already mastered the professors way of teaching or style, that would be a bonus.

  • Gabriela Meneses

    Oh no! I always say when the class with a good teacher ends.
    I really find it very indispensable having a good teacher because it will help
    me to get better grades. That’s why before I pick a new class, I try to talk
    with my friends for any references or look online. However, sometimes it is
    difficult to get recommendations, so the unique thing you can do is wishing
    that your new professor don’t be boring or bad in teaching. On the other hand,
    when you really like a teacher, saying a compliment makes them proud with their
    teaching. Also, I love crossing paths with my former teachers who left a good
    impression with their teachings and the best thing is when they remember you.

  • Minjee Choi

    Ive never realized that question could be such a positive thing to a professor. After reading this, it makes sense how that is a great compliment! I know that I had a few professors favorable to my personality depending on their style of teaching and their ability to relate and help their students genuinely. It’s rare to find such professors so when I do come across them, I personally would love to have them again! I wouldn’t pop that question just to compliment the teacher but only because I really appreciate them. It is actually a great way to compliment them and when the right time comes around, I’d definitely ask them!