The 8am Class – Where Dreams Go To Die

Welcome Guest Blogger!  – Nick Piccora



The 8am Class – where dreams go to die. I mean that quite literally. Dreams do die when students have to wake up to report to class, which is usually around 6:30, just to get a reasonable start to the day. In most cases, students do not get the required 8 hours of sleep per night, and usually wake up in the middle of the REM cycle, leaving them groggy for the rest of the morning; which may be the reason why so many students are seen falling asleep in these classes.




Although some argue that an 8am class is a good thing, mainly cause it allows one to start their day early and be done with class early, the majority of students agree that the 8am is nothing to be desired, and especially at a commuter school such as WCC. My commute usually takes 25-30minutes on a good day, which means I would have to leave my house at 7:20 to make it in time for class, luckily the parking lots are not full at this point. However, if I were living on campus, or off campus, I would be allowed to stay asleep that much longer, in extreme cases till 7:50, as I will be allowed to explore the wonderland of my dream for that much longer, as I could be saving a damsel in distress, hitting the game winning homerun, or flying throughout space.



It is also interesting to note that for the 8am class, the way students dress shows how much appearance matters to someone waking up at 6:30, and usually because they are groggy and just thankful to make it to campus without sleeping at the wheel, they are dressed very comfortably. This means they are wearing PJs and a jacket. If these students were reporting for a later class, say at 12pm, then they would have the opportunity to take a shower, pamper themselves, and will show up for class the way they wish to look and not like they just rolled out of bed, although most students who do this are usually too tired to care that they look like they are still sleeping.



But now here comes the more interesting question, do students actually learn this early in the morning? Well let’s take an example of a student who wakes up at 7am for an 8am class at WCC. They must eat, dress, brush their teeth and be out the door by 7:30 to make it in time. In most cases, they will have to skip one of these in order to have enough time to make it in time, and usually that means skipping breakfast, the most important meal of the day and by skipping this step you are already at risk of not learning at your optimal capacity. When the student finally reaches the classroom and sits down, they then realize what they are in for, a 2 hour lecture about a topic they are not interested in. This is the ultimate storm, as now sleep is beckoning the student back to it’s domain, and in most cases, it wins.



  • Michael Loffa

    This post really hit home for me. I’ve taken one 8AM class during my time as a student and I’m almost positive that will be the only time I ever attempt that disaster again. It was a normal fall semester and I was just trying to fulfill my Behavioral Science requirement by taking Psychology 101. I can say without a doubt that the absolute last thing you want to learn about at 8AM is Pavlov’s dog. I’m pretty sure that class classically conditioned me to yawn when talking about psychology. How is anyone supposed to learn at that time? I do have to admit that my professor that semester did her best. She kept everyone as alert as possible all things considered and I don’t recall too many instances of people falling asleep. There was quite a bit of breakfast eating in class however. I, personally, was just glad to go home and take a nap after.

  • luisinga

    This post really tells the truth about This post does clearly explain the problems that students face in the mornings. I personally agree with that because last year in the summer I took Calculus for Business at 8:00am and it was really hard for me because I had to wake up early and the class it was two hours and a half long, I was struggling in that class because I could not concentrate. Some days the traffic it was really bad and I had to leave early for the class and in most of that time I did not eat breakfast and once I got to class, 30 minutes later I was getting hungry and I could not concentrate because my mind it was only thinking in food, but at the same time I was trying to concentrate and at the end my grades were not what I was expecting. The other reason why I took that class during the summer in the morning is because I wont to finish college the most soon are is possible, and I was not the only one because I had other friends who faced the same problem for taking classes during the morning. I also think that morning classes are very good because the brain is fresh and because of the morning the student can concentrate more and take notes more efficient, but the looking cannot look great because most of the time we have to leave early for class and we have to rush and the dressing and looking cannot look good, but if we put all our effort at the end we can get out prize but getting good grades. I remember last year after the class of 8:00am, I used to wait for the end of the class and go right away to my home to eat and take a little break or nap to recover my energy because math in the summer it is really, really hard to pass with a “A”

  • Jmoose

    I can relate to this post a lot because for the majority of this year I had an 8 A.M. accounting course. Granted it was not at a commuter school like WCC where I needed to drive to class in the morning, but for me the task of getting out of bed and making a 100-yard walk from my dorm to my class was just as difficult. After doing this for a semester I can conclude that the majority of students really cant function properly that early in the morning. Not only do we not care much for our personal appearance or actions, it is extremely tough to try and absorb the material and lesson during class period. Most students myself included are sitting in the class waiting for it to be over or half asleep at our desks. I do feel as though it is productive to start your day at that time but only if you have gotten enough sleep to not be tired and groggy in the morning and unfortunately most college students do not. From my past experiences I believe that 8 A.M. classes are not productive for either the students or the teacher. The preponderance of students are not paying attention and the teacher is lecturing to classroom of people who are all waiting to leave. I believe that in the grades reflect how 8 A.M. classes are truly a student as well as teachers worst nightmare and this issue will stand for many years to come.

  • MRunes

    Honestly this is a perfect example on why i make sure my classes are later in the morning rather than first thing. I was never able to pay attention as much as i could in later classes at 8am. I almost never get the right amount of hours of sleep when i have 8am classes. Especially if there are so many distractions this generation gets, such as, computers, cell phones, iPods, etc. All these things usually keep students up later than they should be awake. What follows the same situation as waking up so early for class is having class so late in the day, by the end of the day most students and people in general tend to be worn out and their mind tends to be non productive as a student taking a class at 8am in my opinion. The right time for students to have their classes should be later in the morning around 10am-3pm. Having a 8am class is usually a big issue for most students and especially me. Sleep is most important!