The College Geek – The (Un/Re)discovered New Norm



WELCOME! Guest Blogger Pablito Carrera

It’s official. Geek is now the new norm for college students. College students might be living a geek filled life and the best part? Some are none the wiser about it. But, what of the student that already knows?  Well, they might consider it to be a curse. The past could have something to do with it. Society used to define the word geek as a derogative term. However, the unwritten rules of social normality have changed with the times. The word geek has evolved to be a compliment and even a fulfilling lifestyle.

So what makes someone realize that they are in fact a geek? Having love for your studies isn’t the only deciding factor. Our enthusiasm for hobbies can also allow us to become geeks. It’s not surprising that our interests can even create our own little world for us. As crazy as it might sound, we also go out of our way to live up to the standards of our interests. Essentially, everyone ‘geeks out’ when they do the things they love.

Society’s view of geeks has drastically improved over the years. We live in an age where being a geek is no longer defined by liking sci-fi or fantasy anymore, although the stereotype is still running strong and is used heavily in the media. The popular television show, The Big Bang Theory, has popularized the characters for who they are. Nobody in the show is ever afraid to show their true self. How sad is it when we hide in our true identities because of what others might think?

I wish more people could encourage others to study harder and have integrity for everything they enjoy. No one should ever be criticized for being the way they are. Its not our fault – we didn’t choose to like the things we enjoy. It even gets to the point in which students are criticized for having love for their studies. Nobody should ever feel bad for wanting to be better than who they are right now. The fact of the matter is, everyone is little geeky in some way – whether we like to admit it or not.

In praise of our geeky idols, please post your favorite television geek.


  • Deirdre Verne

    I vote for Alex P. Keaton!

  • pabzi5

    Steve Urkel and Thatz It.