The Late Teacher

Late teachers come in three varieties ranging from disoriented to disconnected. Here’s my take on teachers who can’t tell time.



Professor Rat’s Nest


This teacher looks like they crawled out of a clothes dryer before the fluff cycle beeped.  With a pencil or two stuck in their hair and piles of crumpled, coffee stained papers, you wonder how they got through college.  If you really want to freak this professor out, encourage your fellow students to change seats every class. Don’t worry – since Prof. Rat’s Nest comes late, you’ll have plenty of time to execute this strategy.


Professor Paparazzi


This teacher thinks they might be famous. They are soooo busy living their pseudo-celebrity life, they couldn’t possibly be expected to arrive on time. Any you, the lowly student, should feel honored they’ve shown up at all. Here’s a quick way to deflate Professor Paparazzi’s ego. Pick a day and have the entire class show up exactly 30 minutes late.


Professor Dude


This teacher thinks it’s the first day of class every day of the semester.  They tend to saunter aimlessly across campus as if the college had rearranged the buildings over the summer. If you are walking faster than a toddler, you often pass them on the way to their own class.  Professor Dude is likely to peek into the class first to see if they recognize anyone, and then Professor Dude will check the door number more than once. My suggestion – about halfway through the semester, change the door number and act surprised when they poke their head in.


  • MarquisJ

    For Professor Paparazzi I always wanted to do something like that to a teacher or professor. I had a professor a couple of semesters ago and he would always be late and it was so annoy. One day I believe the entire class sat there for about 10 minutes and then we all left and then the next class our professor said he came to class and nobody was there. I feel it wasn’t our fault we pay for these classes so the professor should be on time.

  • bailt88

    Professor Too Cool

    This professor is stuck in time. Still trying to live the life of a student.
    Unable to be the role of a professor. As long as professor Too Cool is lost.
    they will always be late.

  • bailt88

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    Professor Too Cool
    This professor is stuck in time. Still trying to live the life of a student.
    Unable to be the role of a professor. As long as professor Too Cool is lost.
    they will always be late.

    – Tammie Bailey

  • Kmosl

    I love this post! Although it has been many years since I actually sat in a classroom waiting for a professor, I remember each of these professors like it was yesterday. It was a tradition for students to sit in the cafeteria discussing which professors to take and which ones to avoid. The conversations usually included descriptions similar to these. I think every college/university has a Professor Rat’s Nest, a Professor Paparazzi, and a Professor Dude.

    I also remember the tradition of passing down the “15 Minute Rule.” This was upperclassmen telling freshman that they only had to wait 15 minutes for a professor to arrive before the class was allowed to leave. However, if the professor had his/her PhD, it was required that the class wait at least 20 minutes.

    This post can also be applied to the workplace. I have had Supervisor Rat’s Nest, Supervisor Paparazzi, and Supervisor Dude. Now that I think about it, I wonder if my officers have labeled me and, if so, what the label is that they have given me.

  • vack813

    The categories you have put teachers in is hilarious and so true. I’ve had each and every one of these teachers. If I’m expected to show up on time and get penalized if I don’t then the professor needs to be on time. Students pay how much money to be taught and for a teacher to be late is annoying and rude.
    I am on time for class always not only because there’s usually rules for tardiness but because I’m paying thousands of dollars to attend school and learn so no I’m not going to be late.
    I have always abided by the 20 minute rule. If the teacher is 20 minutes late students are allowed to leave. When I do leave I hope and pray that the teacher shows up and no one is there.
    Basically if students are expected to show up on time presentable with presentable work ect teachers should be held to an even higher standard because their in a role model position.

  • stephwitt3

    This post had me laughing out loud for sure. It amazes me that such professors even exist. I myself have a professor dude. This professor comes in every morning, at least five minutes late, still not knowing a face in the classroom. She announces the attendance list everyday, as she does not yet know faces. I think my class should take your ideas of switching the class room number and switching our seats around and throw it for a loop. I agree with vack813 in the fact that I am paying to go to this school, and they are being paid to teach me, so there should be a mutual respect on being on time for both of us. And teachers should be good role models and set the right examples, otherwise how do they expect us to be on time?

  • JerryStAubin

    These takes on various professor personalities are severely accurate and humorous as well. I have encountered “Professor Paparazzi” several times. They show up to class late with the slowest stride in their walk as if their presence is enough. I personally dislike these teachers because they create an atmosphere that only caters to them and their snooty actions. The boundary between professor becomes so gapping and evident once they act snobbish. If know one showed up on time, the professor would indeed feel wrong and may set their eagle down some notches. I could also see that professor holding a grudge because they are so self indulged and will not feel like the “student” has the right to give them a dose of their own selfishness.

  • evanpea

    I remember my professor in business management and organization class was very strict on getting to class on time and just a very strict professor in general. that was what made him a great professor. plus he had a sense of personality, humor and enthusiasm. he say some jokes every now and then. I had plenty of great times in that class. to him we were the naïve ones. I guess this would be the opposite of the other types of teachers. he really knew what he was doing; and he is a real life business man.

  • Matt Brembs

    I found this blog amusing. I can relate to it because I had a biology teacher last semester who was very similar to “Professor Rats Nest”. The majority of the time he didn’t even show up to class and didn’t bother to let us know he wasn’t coming. He was just a lost cause. But this is spot on with many teachers I have had here at WCC. It would be interesting to see if you come up with any new nicknames for Professors take their job less serious than students.