The Mysterious Game of Musical Chairs (Part II)

Here’s a blog about a blog  (See earlier The Mystery Game of Musical Chairs). Is there such a thing as the front row in an on-line class? As promised, here’s what I’m thinking when I teach an on-line.

Teaching on-line is like wearing a blind fold.  You have no idea who is in the room which can be a little mysterious.  Try turning out the lights and give a 5 minute speech in the dark. You get the idea.

It makes a difference when students reach out before the class starts or during the first week by sending an email introducing themselves to the teacher. It creates an impression that the student is eager and ready to start learning.  So, is there a virtual front? My air bubble says YES.

If you’re wondering what goes on in a teacher’s head, please post suggested topics here.

  • Debbie Falcones

    I think this is true. But this semester is my first time taking an on line class, and I feel like there’s not really a need to introduce myself because I feel like the teacher doesn’t really care about “meeting me” since all the grades are based on assignments and discussions on line. But its very interesting what you say maybe some teachers do care about “meeting you” even if its just an on line class.

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