Puffy Coats Linked To Sleeping In Class


Help me understand why students wear down filled jackets with the hoods up during class.  Why not just bring a blanket and a pillow?  We both know you’re about to fall asleep.  In fact, I’m watching you fall asleep, and as soon as you do, I’m going to tell the rest of the class what to expect on the first test.

  • Souvann St. John

    OK let me start by saying I personally don’t wear down filled jackets during class but I can certainly take up for students who do. Just think about it, it’s below 20 degrees outside and as your walking to class from your car or perhaps the bus you walk into a warm class with the professor constantly talking. At this point your coat feels so good and cosey and you attempt to take it off put you just can’t. On the other hand the student may have a mad hair day that may even disturb the class. Now if students were to bring a “blanket and pillow” to class they will just cause disruption and all eyes would be on him or her. Just think about it…

  • Conice Walker

    Who would really want to come to class and sit behind an Eskimo, looking from side to side just to look at the teacher and take notes?

  • Tertius Raubenheimer

    This post makes me smile, and though I wish I could say it was completely absurd, I do not think it is. I have never witnessed a fellow student coming to class dressed in a down filled jacket, but I have seen quite a few techniques for trying to “be present” and continue with other activities. Truth be told I think professors can see right through it all. The difference between a student paying attention and a student doing anything else must be massive, and so if one really wanted to fool a professor the effort that would have to go into it would probably be better spent listening and acing a course.

  • Shanel Santana

    I really enjoyed this blog post, I truly agree with this post because not only is it rude for that person to fall asleep while the professor is teaching but also because it becomes a chain! once that student falls asleep the student next to that student will feel that It’s okay for them to fall asleep too and so on and so forth. In a more personal experience, I myself am a very short and tiny person. God forbid a puffy coat person were to sit in front of me, I’d disappear and so will the professor and the board in my view! It just isn’t fair!… with that being said, I do believe puffy coat students have an agenda and though circumstances may differ they all have one thing in mind, a nice nap before the next class.

  • Soohun Han

    There are some benefits of doing that. For instance, it helps block distractions and noises from sideways and enhances your focus on the board. It feels more private, too. But I’d do it for the sake of keeping it warm, when I feel cold, etc. But if you will fall asleep due to that, than you take it off and try to focus. It’s up to you.

  • Giovanni Peguero

    I’ll be honest, when I enter a classroom and it is freezing outside I’m not going to take off my coat. Despite this I feel that having your hood u is just overkill.If you are trying to fall asleep there are other inconspicuous ways of doing this. I find hiding behind the usual big in the classroom and waiting for the professor to draw a diagram the best time to get some sleep. All it takes is proper positioning and a slight tilt of the head and you are golden. A blanket and pillow is just to obvious to ever work and you will get nothing but hawk eye looks from the professor all throughout the remainder of the semester. You would be eternally branded as that student that brought a blanket and a pillow to class.