When Does An 89.44 Become A 90?


How do I justify the extra .56 points?

By adding up the 7 Signs of Civility:

Show Up

On Time


Say Hello


Honor Due Dates

Say Goodbye


How does a 60.44 become a 59? You get the idea.


  • Georvhari Fletcher

    It is very important to make sure as a student you understand what your professor for the semester likes and dislikes.This will help you out a lot and also help u gain an understanding of their grading process. Being the person who is always on time and makes sure their work is handed in on the due date will help ur grades improve significantly

  • Niesha Santiago

    Throughout the years you learn that in order to learn respect must be given. In order to coexist with anyone you must be respectful. When It comes to professors, most expect the bare minimum participate, be polite and do what you have to do. Being civil will benefit you. It will help you succeed outside the classroom. And most importantly you’ll be remembered especially when you’ll need reference letter. Just saying it doesn’t hurt to be civil and trust me nice guys usually finish first.

  • luisinga

    It is very important for students to understand the grading process, and if the professor it is very strict with the rules, the students must follow the rules to earn a good grade. Students who are in college knows how to earn a good grade, because by been in time to class and participating, it show the professor that the students does really care about the class. When I started college I never took very serious and one the first day of class I remember that I was taking as a joke and on my first class of Math, I was always making jokes and playing around, and I remember that my teacher called me out of class and told me that I have to take serious because if I don’t change I was going to fail the class, and I remember that I changed and I was always on time to class, also my homework’s were always on the due date, also I was always participating during class, and at the end I earned A+ and I was so proud of myself, also I learned that if somebody changed on time, at the end it can receive a good present by getting good grades. To be successful it is very important to follow the rules and listen to the professors because when they say something to the students, is because they want the best for the young people that they are teaching. Professors are always worry for their students because they want them to have a good future by been a professionals. WE THE STUDENTS ARE THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY AND WITH A GOOD EDUCATION WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.