Yelp Help!

A dean at Yale was recently removed from her job after leaving a string of negative Yelp reviews. To be specific, she referred to restaurant patrons and servers as ‘white trash’ and ‘barely educated morons.” Not very nice. Not very nice at all. In fact, so not nice, she lost her job.

So, um, wow! I guess I kind of get this. It really doesn’t look good for an educator to put people down. What I’m wondering is who took the time to track down all of her Yelp reviews and make a case against her. Is there an unnamed group of hackers out there in cyberspace creating files of our every move? And what about the cameras on every corner? Is Alexa recording my conversations?

I guess I’ll find out pretty soon because in the last week alone I chewed out a customer service rep.  Then I yelled at one of my kids in the supermarket and then I flipped the bird to a guy in a Prius who cut me off.

I don’t want to belittle what happened at Yale, but it’s starting to make me wonder – should we simply stop posting online? (bet you’re afraid to respond!)